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Whats the deal??


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Report this Mar. 25 2013, 8:49 pm

How is it that Creation can get away with ripping people off for the Chicago convention??  Fortunately I have my tickets, but one or two weeks prices are set for a certain price  and then they are going up?  It's highway robbery and isnt ethical just because Sir Patrick and the Saturday day is going to be that crouded! If anyone agrees, please feel free to respond.  Maybe someone should get some legal advice if its even lawful for them to change the price.  Because they wont allow us to sell tickets to others for more than the face value thus they shouldn't either  


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Report this Mar. 27 2013, 9:42 am

Hey Im just trying to find one General Admission ticket for the week end or just Saturday. So if you find someoen selling them let me know. And as for them raiseing the prices they can because they contral and sanction the event. It sucks but yeah...


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Report this May. 03 2013, 1:10 am

I still have 1 Gold weekend ticket available (not sold due to people time wasting).


To be clear its a single gold ticket for the entire weekend, INCLUDES the Saturday night TNG re-union performance.


I am just after the face value of what was paid because my friend cant go (so you will be sat next to me!).

If interested please email me -


Ticket is electronic so will email over.

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