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the way Data died


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Re. B4 not being data cus' he unsophisticated, if father get dementia, or sister get brain damage, they still father and sister


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Dread Fox Movie bad right, used lassers not phasors, and forgot to do special effect on making data fast when doing romulan keypad; and forgot that romulans like vulkans 10X stronger than humans so since an average man bench-press own weight and woman 2/3 of her wieght and also weight 2/3 of man's weight a Romulan woman would have 4 and 4/9th strength of man same age, so about 5-7 times upper body strength of a boy half her age.


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my favorite way, something i feel would be original, would be for the radiation to create wormholes, sending most of data (cant have it be to easy) to somewhere far away, and inactive

it still has numerous bugs, but hay, it is a working theory.


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Quote: leroybrock @ Mar. 30 2013, 7:54 pm

>There's numerous was that they could say that Data survived or was salvaged from the Scimitar. This is Star Trek and they do unlikely things all the time. As far as Spiner's age becoming a problem for the character I agree.I would like to see the very simple solution of Data deciding to dramatically alter his appearance on purpose.They could say that he wants to have it not be quite so obvious that he's the Android Data when meeting new people or that he felt his ageless appearance might cause his friends to feel secretly resentful.

Thats a perfect idea.

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