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Endgame....what really gets me...


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You know what? With all it's real and perceived problems "End Game" is still a descent finale. Ranks #2 behind "All Good Things"

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Imho endgame, in spite of its fireworks and sensational plot is just a stupid show because it's so hyper-unreal. It's too fantasy for my liking - the grey-haired admiral was great to watch - I even liked her more than the Captain! But still, it wasn't the right way to end a show that meant so much to the fans.

i enjoyed the future tech and Borg scenes - anything with the Borg is great, but there were just far too many questions left, and with an ending like that it had to be followed by a voyager movie of some sort.


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I think the Endgame was the most emotional episode I've ever seen, not only because Voy was over, also because all characters knew what would have happen if Admiral Janeway hadn't come.
I was happy about the B'Ellana-Tom relationship and also the Seven-Chakotay. I was really sad, because Janeway herself won't be happy her lifetime. (I nearly cried at the end...)
So all in all I've liked the episode very much!!

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I have to admit that Kathryn Janeway was absolutely responsible. That made her life extremely stressful.

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Endgame was the best finale of all the series. Why? Borg!!! Any episode with the Borg in it is automatically awesome!

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Honestly I finally finished voyager and endgame was a bit unexpected for me. I found it odd that after all the time travel that janeway would go back and change time. Sure maybe it was like she said she wanted to save a good portion of her crew, but i wish they would have said how the future was changed because of her actions. What would have happened now that seven of nine knows that she would have died and hurt chakotay would she still have ended up marrying him? Although I do think the scen where chakotay told seven that relationships are all about chance was very touching personally. But still, what happens in the future now that admiral janeway changed so much? What happens to the collective after the borg queen dies? Those are the things that im curious about


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Personally, I thought that they made a episode to end the series and a decent one.  The last ep of a series isn't used for discussion of a phylisophical issue.  But a way to close something and move forward.  I believe that Star Trek intendend to "Get rid" of the Borg.  Truth was, people want this bit of action.  And they do make the one species I don't think anyone she ally with.  The point of Scorpion in allying is, the discussion whether to allign yourself with something when you know its wrong.  Believe it or not it was a second ep in this try because the first attempt didn't leave things Clearly defined.  so they wrote one instead of the Kazon, but with the Borg.  Anyway, back to End Game.  The problem is that End Game is the like one of the the few that supports Time Travel for personal gain.  Wish they could have done it without that.  Anyway, the Borg if you think about it have NOT been defeated completly at the transwarp hub.  seven mentioned 6 others existing.  But this one sent Conduits into Federation space.  Now, They probably back up the Borg Queen Virus regularly, and there signals are monitored by a signal that travels by transwarp threw subspace.  Now sense it is very likely the bulk of there forces are in the Delta Quadrent, they no longer have a way to distribute ships or get around as fast.  True theres Transwarp with the conduits.  So they can STILL send a ship to Federation space.  And the Borg eventually will find a way to reinforce other hubs.  As for the Borg signal it is monitored by space cities which they call plexus's.  In an episode, Jainway rescues seven from one of these plexus's.  Though these sub plexus's converge to a centural Plexus.  My guess is that one is strongly guarded and your NOT going to be able to fly in with a shuttle.  Now the Queen WOULD be very worried about this destruction because her outer forces have been cut off from the collective in a transportation sense.  Just as Voyager was cut off when they turned up 70,000 light-years from the delta quadrent though you can make more time at Transwarp, the Conduits need to be recharged with whatever they charge them with.  Where do they get all this energy?  They must have some site where they produce this energy.  these places are going to HEAVILY gaurded if its not several locations.  then theres distribution.  True the ships build up energy and regenerate, but the conduits will likely need a very special ritch energy source.  This is why they probably have to adapt the ship to the conduit, and they destroy the conduits when the ship is destroyed.  the analysis of a conduit that they stole could save lives if they knew what there Tracking in space.  Also the elements that could contain a warp drive in such a small device.  They use a device that is tiny, probably something that could sit on your desk to travel 10 times the speed of Voyager which requires that huge room.  The time to activly fight the borg is now, not to explore space because a number of ships out in J25 are cut off from the Borg (Possibly), and there transportation is slightly crippled to and fro there Delta Quadrent fleet.  The key locations are wherever these conduits are produced because if they RUN out of conduits, there NOT going far at impulse.  Also the hubs are probably used to distribute the conduits.  Anyway, Star Fleet could use this energy source because IT ISN'T DILITHUIM.  Dilithum has a half-life, it dies, and the Borg were able to sale away with a conduit barried in ice.  Dilithium also needs a intermix chamber and hello they DO NOT have a chamber for mixing the crystals or nacelles.  So there energy source can:  Survive 100 years barried in ice (Because it would take time to charge it), does NOT need intermixing, and is 10X powerful.  I know this is a bend from interviewing End Game, but this episode and the possible end of the Borg come down to this episode.  Okay, the reason why Jainway should have a desk job which as suggested and charied out in Homecoming and Farthershore is simple.  It is not 100% certain at what point the paradox seals which was created by her alternate self.  And if she is a person to make such choices, they must be watched.  But I am pleased by the end to Voyager and wished the seven of nine relationship continued.  a relationship with Jainway for nobody would work.  LOL.


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I would have preferred a different approach to Voyager getting home in the finale but Trekkers in general love those big battles with lots of Borg or Klingons or whatevr so it's not surprising that they did it the way they did. 

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I thought the episode was bad. There was little or no ending. Even Enterprise got to end with them all around at the HQ but Voyager gets a crap ending. As far as Chakotay and Seven, who cares? I didn't end up with her.


Oh well, tough I guess.

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