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New look


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Quote: Sehlat123 @ Apr. 02 2013, 12:41 pm


>We got our navagation links back!!!

I just noticed that.  Finally!!!

the bungalo bill

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It's not a redesign, it's mostly just a new, ill-fitted skin. And I thought the old one looked like crap....


Well, it looks like it's trying to promote the new movie. After all, they only care about money, and the movie is actually going to make money for them. They don't give a crap about the boards, members, et cetera. All they care about is money.



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Well, I guess they want to promote Into Darkness, so a dark background seemed to be in order.

A New ill-fitted skin is pretty much the best description. That sidebar looks SO out of place! It looks like it was put together in photoshop. Just a bunch of peices stuck together on a black background.

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