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The Droid Security Network Application


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Report this Mar. 19 2013, 3:49 pm

With the recent violence in America and threats being ever present in many forms its time to relese a Droid Application that will create a more secure America.


The Application involves creating a database of Internet users who make threatening remarks on the Internet such as "I Will Kill You." When a remark like this is made the posters screen name, website and threatening remark would be sent to the Droid Security Network Application where the person who had the threat made against them would post their location and anyone part of the Security Network Application would arrive and make certain that no one was trying to harm them.


For example I post at Star and had a member named 4 of 20, 4_20, 4 od 20, ect. make the comment that he was going to show up at my home kill and rape me.


I sent the information to the FBI and the local law enforcement and eventually he was banned. But that still doesn't mean he can't show up and try something as he posted my home address on the site in a very threatening and intimidating manner which in the 21st century and with all of the problems that America is having does not nee to be tolerated nor will it be tolerated.

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