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Star Trek Oblivion


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Hi All.

Just made my last Star Trek movie available on Youtube.

Check it out.


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yeah... Why does Janeway have an eyepatch?


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Why not? Everyone looks better in a eyepatch

I always like seeing fan productions so this was an interesting twist. First of all, was surprised by the Oberth class, but good on you for using it and tweaking the model.

I like the overall effect of the sequence, especially the black hole/worm hole towards the end. It was well done and a good hook, at least for me.

Ok, I like to nitpick, so please feel free to point me towards answers to these questions or say "Wait and see"

Why the uniform change?

Why does Christian Bale's character have a different colored arm?

Why is ScarJo's character not in uniform?



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It's a very good trailer , and I like the idea , although I'm not a fan of dark Sci-Fi . Star Trek Renegades is doing a similar thing . Have a look - 


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