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the romulan war

dowdingtrek 15

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are they any good 

Lone Palm

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The first two novels are great. The third is a let down in comparison, but still has moments. I'd be happy if they were made into movies. And while I don't typically consider novels to be canon, I include them in my personal canon. 

Jim Kirk

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I agree with Lone Palm.  I considered the novels TGTMD through the romulan war to be canon, I think of them as the last seasons of Enterprise.

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I really liked the Enterprise Romulan war books. ON JUNE 25 there's going to be  new Enterprise novel coming out . Startrek Enterprise The Rise of the Federation By Christopher L. Benett.  It's a direct sequel that continues after the end of the Earth Romulan wars. I'm really looking forward to reading about the further adventures of the Enterprise crew.Especially I'd like to know  what's happened to Trip and T'Pol and see how their relationship is explored in the new book. .


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I have only read the first book and to be honest it didn't really blow me away...i would like to have them bring the romulan war story back for a tv movie or a miniseries to give the fans more trek on tv...


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Just finished "The Good That Men Do" and "Kobiashi Maru", so am really looking forward to the next three books. Yeah, they are a continuation of the series for me.


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Read book one of the romulan wars and only started book 2 havent got book 3 yet but will see how 2 plays out. I quite like how Trip didnt die in the novels and was sent to be a spy on the romulans. And how Archer is dealing with the aftermath of the Kobayashi Maru. Got to say was surprised with some parts of the story but then again Enterprise did surprise me a lot. 


We need more Trek on Tv I agree with Reanok on that I would like to see a series leading up to Romulus explosion and beyond as I don't believe the Prime Universe ended I believe it continuied and Nero went into a alternate universe where R2 D2 was on one of the starfleet ships that was destroyed by Nero


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The new novel jumps ahead several years after the Romulan war but it's mentioned and some interesting things happen in this book.

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