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OK, Phlox is my favourite doctor because the actor played him magnificantly. He is witty and caring and see's past race and see's soul.

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I like him very quirky and opinionated and seems to care about his patients.



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I think he was the most compassionate doctor.  I also feel he was the most devoted to his captain - willing to brave the Delphic Expanse.


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I too find Phlox pretty interesting. I list him at or near the top of the Trek doctors list. I think what makes him interesting is that he is from a new species. That said, I wouldn't want an entire show of non-human Trek characters; it is the interation between the humans you can relate to and the unexpected from other species that helps makes Trek so great. 

Phlox was very convincing. I wont name names, but it seems like with a few Trek doctors you can always guess that it is only a matter of time before they come up with some kind of totally unbelievable cure. However, Phlox really pulled it off and made it seem natural.

I also felt like his sick bay was a really cool space.


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It's a bit odd that in all of the shows save TNG the Doctor gets to be among the most distinctive and interesting characters.

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A great actor played the role of this doctor on top of the fact that Phlox is very different than the other doctors. He was more alien than the other doctors, which at this point in time, gave him more of an advantage over the human doctors because they had not seen many other alien diseases and was more well versed. 


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Phlox was sort of like Neelix how he was the "creepy looking alien" character, but then both of them acted overly friendly/cheerful most of the time to try and counter their creepy looking facial features.

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Loved him in The Man From Earth


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starfan97 yea, which is the problem I had with him, because if all his animal treatments and such were so much better than humans would be for 100 (or more) years as they kept saying in the show, then why just what like 40yrs latter did they not have an animal there, but it was sterile like the best hospital you could imagine (even though it really didn't have to be sterile cus' everything was healed so fast no time too get infected)



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PhloxMonkeyBomb yes best actor in the lot, but I also like watching quantum leap; although I never liked Archer in the show, cus' whenever I would have an idea that I or any captain would do something he (archer) would do something that would go against the whole philosophy of every other captain from kirk through Janeway


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T'Paul Well, I def agree wif U that many times I felt like c'on U complete lose me! But in defense of trek shows, any sufficently advanced tech would seem like magic, I'm sure if John Adams was beamed to the U.S. today or or the Buddah into the Indian Subcontinant today, they would not believe the medicine was technology but that it was some form of magic


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Easily the best Dr. of all the Star Trek shows. Well, the hologram Dr. was great too!

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