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Trekunited people


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For those not old enough:  When Enterprise was cancelled, a group of people called Trekunited (I think), wanted to raise money through the fans to pay for the show to continue.  They figured, if each fan gave 20 or 30 bucks, that would be enough to pay for another season of Enterprise (based upon what the previous season had cost).  They were mercilous ridiculed by the majority of the fans.  Today or yesterday, it was announced that the fans of Veronica Mars had reached their goal of $1,000,000 of pledges to finance a movie for Veronica Mars and it seems the movie company has given it a green light based upon these pledges.           


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I really liked the Veronica Mars series.  But I think the problem with bringing back Enterprise would be the production cost for the special effects, costuming, and make-up artists.  I'm guessing it would take much more fan financial pledges to produce a new Science Fiction series or a movie based on one of the Trek series, than what the Veronica Mars fans got.  Not to mention, Enterprise was the least popular among fans.  Now maybe a brand new Trek series or made for t.v./direct to DVD movie??



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$1m is actually a pretty small amount, hence how they reached their aim. 

If my memory serves me correctly TU were looking for about $30m, just to fund a single season of Enterprise. Far more difficult goal that they got nowhere close to reaching.

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