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Creating Entertainment on the Moon


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Report this Mar. 13 2013, 1:59 pm

I was thinking about this a few moments ago while thinking about bunji jumping.

A platform would be erected on the surface of the Moon where the suited tourist would strap theirself into the harness that is then attached to two bunji cords on either side of the tourist. Basically a slingshot set up.

The tourist is then shot into space and retrieved by a special craft.

The only question is how would the bunji cord material react in the near weightless gravity of the Moon.

If the bunji cord didn't work then a small rocket sled could be strapped to the tourists. The rocket speeds to a velocity of around 500 mph and when it comes into contact with the bumpers ejects the tourist into space.

Extreme sports on the Moon. How far can you launch the tourist?

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