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Fixing The Planet


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 Fixing the planet - Although Unity is primarily used for creating video games for Android and other phones it should not be limited to just being used to create games.

There is an untapped resource around the world involving radio stations. If a platform was created where a website was created that sponsored radio stations around the world then we would be better able to understand the cultures from around the other side of the world. A monthly fee would be charged for the service where the subscriber could then listen to any radio station from the world that they wanted to. An in station video cam along would be present along with subtitles in the subscribers native language....Job creation....technological job creation....the list goes on an on......

Unity could be used to create linking technology where subcribers could access any radio station across the planet. The app would be perfect for Unity because it is already geared towards c-phone use and wouldn't take much to develop the Unity WorldWide Radio Station App.

Millions of radio stations around the planet await a single portal access.


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If the internet hasn't created unity ...
how is a subscriber-based radio station?

Seems to me World War II vets were the
last to see what remains of the unspoiled,
untamed wilds. And the people of today are
just not going to act in time to make any
difference. Just how they are and how it is ...


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Forgeting the redundancy of it, you still haven't taken into account the human factor. Already people can connect to other countries and cultures through the internet, few choose to do so. For the most part an individual needs a reason, often a personal one, to do so.

CORPORATIONS AREN'T PEOPLE! Soylent Green is people.

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