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Report this Mar. 13 2013, 11:30 am

Hey all,

figured as collectors we should have a "look at what I just got!" thread

thought I'd start as I got the original 3+" Mego Figures of Kirk and Spock from the 1st Star Trek Motion Picture

Here they are with their Playmates and DST counterparts

 photo IMG_0353_zpsea24d932.jpg


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Very Nice!  My lastest acquisition was the DVD for Star Trek 2009 movie.  Not really a collectible though.


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I jut obtained last week a replica of a Star Trek: Enterprise NX-01 Starfleet jumpsuit.


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The Gorns have now invaded!

 photo IMG_00151_zps2e68608c.jpg

I ordered them Monday when I was watching the Episode Arena and they arrived today upon the debut of the Star Trek videogame trailer starring William Shatner and his scaly friend

lol talk about timing!


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make sure to put these pix into your profile

Low Key

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pre-orded the into darkness soundtrack

'Now, shall we begin?'

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