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Social Issues


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Hey guys, just wanting to stir up conversation, I though I would ask you what your stance is on social issues? Do you support Gay Marriage, Abortion, and all that stuff?


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I do not believe that STAR TREK, in the main,
has made people more "tolerant," per se. Also,
I don't think it's made the world a better place ...

STAR TREK has never offered any real solutions.
It has no "answers." It simply brings up topics
that people who care about them are thinking of.

I think people of that mindset, even if it is a
latent one, are quite simply drawn to the show -
Birds of a Feather, and all that. Martin Luthor
King did not start his cruisade because of STAR
TREK, but he watched and took an interest in it.


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Who's job is it to end poverty? Poverty refers to being unable to afford basic human needs, which commonly includes clean and fresh water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter.

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