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Star Trek Animated Series Blu Ray?


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With TOS completed, and all the movies now out, and TNG in production, and soon to have Enterprise out as well, I'd say Star Trek is really making an impression on blu ray. I assume production for either DS9 or Voyager will probably begin either after Enterprise is finished or TNG is finished, but what about a TAS blu ray set? I'd love to see TAS in HD. That would be pretty awesome. They could get it done pretty quickly I would think with it being animated, and only 22 very short episodes.

Anyone think it will happen anywhere in the near future?

randy kerr

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that would be an awesome ideal.


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I sure hope it happens and soon! I am freakin addicted to Star Trek in blu ray. I went back to dvd to watch an episode of Voyager with a friend today, and I stayed distracted by the lack of HD lol I need the whole franchise in blu ray and I need it quick!!lol


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I would love to see TAS in blu-ray, it would be so awesome. Hopefully it happens, I'm sure it would take a lot less work.

Make it so


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The blu-ray inclusion of a psuedo-widescreen option would be really cool with something different in each episode to fill in the vertical black bars on each side of the screen.

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