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The Ninth Fleet - You Are Not Alone


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Are you burned out on Trek Simming because you:

--are required to simm according to someone else's excessive limits?

--are frustrated with bureaucracies, politics, stifling rules, and punishments?

--have to write long proposals to a command structure for one small change on your ship, or to promote an excellent player?

--are told you can’t play the character you have written with for 5 years because he or she is too high in rank and you don’t want to demote them?

--have to have a certain number of players on your game, and a certain level of activity? waste valuable time filing monthly reports rather than
actually playing?

We at The Ninth Fleet are all Trek simming veterans and have all been there, and we say ‘no’ to this!

The Ninth Fleet is currently seeking new and experienced writers and gamers to fill positions aboard various Star Trek simms!

The Ninth Fleet operates in distinct groups, in separate unique universes. One may have a tie to each other due to the same creator, while others do
not. It depends on the person whom originally created it and how the COs feel. If the group does not want it, we do not force it upon them. That's
not how we do things around here.

The universe is a vast place, comprising of stars, galaxies... everything we can perceive. But the multiverse is infinitely larger. Many different
theories exist as to if there are different universes or parallel worlds, but as to whether they will exist or not is something we have to ask
ourselves if we believe in.

Fiction is one example of this concept. An alternate timeline (or to use a term that fits with the theory alternate universe) is one that we explore
as a work of writing, exploring out with going to new worlds in a television series or expanding our minds in a book. It is not us that goes
through these events, but rather the shadows of ourselves or someone completely different from us, from an established universe. It is up to us
to establish this world in our minds, even expand upon it and, if we want to, write more and share it.

The Ninth Fleet is founded in this theory.

Imagine, if you will, an organization that, no matter what the universe, no matter what the time, exists in some form or another. It is something
that seems so innocuous, so small, but is somewhere around there, always there to support those that need it and help others that may not.

We are the ones you work with when things are down, when the cards are out.

We are the Ninth Fleet.

Whether it is a small organization of surface ships, a group of special operations, or a large space fleet of epic proportions, we are there. When
you need recruits or new people, we will support you. When you need to have your ship refitted or new equipment, we will support you.

You are not alone.

-Mike Bremer -Admiral Bremer - Starbase 400 -

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