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Classic Original Series cast or Reboot movie series cast

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Created by: He'sDeadJim6400


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Boy, that JJ Abrams sure threw Star Trek out there didn't he ? his movie was like riding a Roller coaster and when you got off you wondered what was the point ?  well while some of us like the more mature sci fi version of the classic Trek series, others prefer a younger faster version Star Wars version, ha, choose which one suits you. 


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Well , Bill and the Team may be Octogenerians , but they look well , and there are ways to refine them physically , either cosmetically or cinematically .

JJ Abram's Movies are action movies filled with hot young stars ! But it didn't do it for me  ! 

When I look at a movie , I look for maturity in the acting , and as well , thought-provoking concepts . Which means , you need a director with experience of scripting and camera work as well as overall maturity . JJ's Star Trek Movie was made for people unfamiliar with science fiction , with lots of action for younger viewers . 


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I love the original series cast in the television show. But, I feel like the reboot cast is a cast more oriented to acting in movies.

If I had to pick one or the other to have dinner with, it would be the TOS cast, I like them more. But I like the reboot cast in the movie.


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I much prefered the TOS cast. Spock was a jerk in the new movie!

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The JJ show was fun but it was harldy Trek. It was a gimicky way to get kids into it, but its money that makes the warp engines hum. So while I would rather TOS we are stuck with Abram's best imprression of a Michael Bay film. God help Star Wars.

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