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Your Starship's name and why you named it.


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U.S.S. R. Astley - Soviet Russia is nover gonna give you up, let you down, run around or desert you


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"U.S.S. Pegasus" For the simple reason I thought it sounds cool

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USS Enterprize J. EnterpriSe (not capital s) J was not available.


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I named mine after one of my childhood heros:  U.S.S. Merlin (NCC-93002)

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Quote: crellmoset @ May. 23 2013, 7:16 pm

>I find Russia to be a fascinating place and not well represented in ship names. Many of my names are meant to draw attention to that region. U.S.S. Chernobyl - I know that that reactor was a catastrophe but Chernobyl sounds so good. U.S.S. Siberia U.S.S. Leningrad U.S.S. Tsaritsa U.S.S. Gagarin U.S.S. Pony Express - My Shuttle
What, no USS Minsk?  Worf would be crushed.


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My main toon uses the USS Gadsden.  I've also got the John Locke, Liberty and other ships that go along that line.


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I started with the cities and places I am from or bound to: USS Magdeburg, USS Varsovia, USS Gotland.. When I ran out of places I named the next one USS Ender but it was at the time when the film aired in cinemas and I saw many other Enders flying around which I didn't like. So I decided to pay tribute to my favourite writers. Now my shuttle is called Mickiewicz and my ship is the USS Reymont. Look it up, great guy and a Nobel Prize winner

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