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Your Starship's name and why you named it.


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So i thought it would be interesting to get players' back story on why they named their starships they way they did. I've seen alot of starships floating around with names that I thought were funny and interesting. I named my first ship U.S.S. Val Halla NCC 93312. Currently I'm on my third ship, a variant of intrepid class, U.S.S. Val Halla-B NCC 93312-B. I named it the Val Halla because I am proud of my scandinavian heritage and wanted to pay homage to my ancestors.

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USS Atlirith

According to Memory Beta, that is the Andorian word for an Eagle-like creature


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I have a few ships.

U.S.S. Kumari (custom Armitage - here's a picture)

U.S.S. Armistice (Prometheus class)

U.S.S. Destiny (Destiny class)

I.K.S. Qam-Chee (custom Qin Raptor - here's a picture)


Mostly I just named them that way because they sounded cool.

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U.S.S. Cochrane (After Zefram Cochrane), 

U.S.S. Ceres (After the Largest known Ateroid in our Solar System),

U.S.S. Cygni (After the Largest known Star, NML Cygni, Ten billion times larger than our own),

U.S.S. Tesla (Famous Serbian Inventor), and

U.S.S. Valerii (a Friend).

Mostly because these sound cool, and i thought it would most Logical.


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I started out with a theme of "home"... begining with

U.S.S. Citizen NCC-90318 (the street I grew up on & house number)

U.S.S. Biloxi NCC-91838 (the nearest city to my home town & year of incorporation)

U.S.S. Hancock [shuttlecraft] NCC-1812 (my home county & year of founding)

U.S.S. Mississippi NCC-91817(my home state & year it was admitted to the union)

U.S.S. Republic NCC-91776(in reference to the US as a whole & year of Declaration of Independance)

My end-game ship broke the theme, and I ended up with the U.S.S. Gawain NCC-91980(considering my tag is @Gawain_VIII, it made sense to be my final ship, NCC is my birth year)

I also picked up the U.S.S. Endeavour NCC-91895 at the 3rd aniversary event--Endeavour being one of the original Constitution class ships (with an NCC of 1895), it probably had an Ambassador-class counterpart.

U.S.S Gawain NCC-91980
Commanding Officer, Frontier Fleet


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USS LOVELL (named for the Astronaut)

USS MONTGOMERY (named for Scotty)

USS NIXON (named for the president)(and the only starship that can go to China)

USS ENDEAVOUR (named for the NASA ships of the same name Apollo 15 & the Shuttle)

USS DALLAS (named for my city and the submarine)

USS CHURCHILL (named for Sir Winston Churchill)

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U.S.S Alliance (Because it sounds cool)
U.S.S Talca NCC - 91701( Named after the city i live)
That's all, for now.


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well for me i named alot of my ships off my kids names, but my shuttles i named after personalities of mine. for example

U.S.S Carrissa Mea (Ship) for my daughter

U.S.S Daimond Fury (Shuttle) my son's personality

But some of my more recent ships ive named after next gen characters since i like TNG series.

Ro Aerrow

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USS ENDEAVOUR, named after what I see as (Not cannon but my cannon, that I am writing) 7th NX class starship, and all starships from the Constitution- Soverign as the 8th ship in the line of capitol ships to bear that name. Example Constitution class, USS Constitution, USS Enterprise, USS Columbia, USS Challanger, USS Discovery, USS Atlantis, USS Avenger, USS Endeavour. The Endeavour's registry should be NCC-1707-E, but unfortunatly STO requires a 9 before the number, but I see it as USS ENDEAVOUR NCC-1707-E. 


Specificly I chose this line of names since this is the line of names for the US shuttle progam. There are however many other ships named Endeavour that are famous for differant for other reason, an example is the HMS Bark Endeavour which was commanded by the famous James Cook on his voyage of discovery in the south pacific in the 18th century, and the discoveror of Austrailia, and the soloman Islands. I chose to name my Star Trek/ Foundry series after the hero ship name I picked, The USS ENDEAVOUR.


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I find Russia to be a fascinating place and not well represented in ship names. Many of my names are meant to draw attention to that region.

U.S.S. Chernobyl - I know that that reactor was a catastrophe but Chernobyl sounds so good.

U.S.S. Siberia

U.S.S. Leningrad

U.S.S. Tsaritsa

U.S.S. Gagarin

U.S.S. Pony Express - My Shuttle

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USS yorktown.. I didn't play for long thought. It would literally take me 10 mins to load each area (and my computer is not slow....) :'(


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U.S.S. Janissary

U.S.S. Integrity

U.S.S. Farenheit




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Maybe this is cheating because I am not playing any games here, so I don't have any starships. Further, I don't have any modles of starships. If I did here are 3 names I'd have to use.

USS Venus

USS Gandalf

USS Robinson (after Jackie).

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USS Thundermole NCC-1982-E (A old rpg ship I used to run) A Prometheus class starship)

ISS Thundermole NCC-19701 (When I unlocked the MU Star Cruiser couldnt resist chaning my fed character into Terran Empire wearing a combination of TNG Worfs Sash, TNG admirals jacket Terran empire symbol and ENT Terran empire belt. Oh and a goatee lol

IKS Gorkon Love the Gorkon nobel but this is a Breen Chell Grett Cruiser

IKS Duras (Brel Retrofit) For the sneakiest ship that can fire while cloaked had to use a sneaky klingons name especially since my character Jokag is related to that house as well.

My romulan characters ship is the RRW Romulus  nothing to special about the name but the caprtain is called Kares which is Sarek spelt backwards which was the unofficial name of the romulan in the TOS episode Balance of Terror


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Heres mine:

USS Labia Majora



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