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Name the sexiest woman of each series


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Here are mine:

TOS - Uhura

TNG - Beverly Crusher (What? I Like Foxy Red Headed MILFS)

DS9 - Jadzia Dax

Voyager - Seven of Nine

Enterprise - T'Pol (that one was pretty obvious).


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Of the top my head:

TOS - Uhura

TNG - Beverly C

DS9 - Kira

Voyager - Janeway

Enterprise - T'Pol




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So why is TAS excluded...?


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TNG- Ro Laren

DS9- Jadzia Dax



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@ guillermo.mejía: lol because TAS was basically TOS animated


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For what its worth:

TOS -- Yeoman Rand

TNG -- Troi (with her hair down!)

DS9 -- Jadzia

Voyager -- Kes

ENT -- T'Pol


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TOS- Uhura, Ms. Nichols was my first celebrity crush!

TAS- Yeah, I know, but I don't like to be exclusionary. The feline comunications officer

TNG- Beverly Crusher had me from the second episode, The Naked Now, when she leans over her desk and wiggles her hips.

DS9- Toss up here, but I really can't resist Kira's big brown eyes!

VOY- I want to be Cpt. Janeway's cabin boy!

ENT- It's one thing to have an attractive and alluring Vulcan female, but T'Pol was such an obvious attempt at gratuitous T&A. Way to far over the top. I'll have to go with Hoshi on this one.

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TOS- Nurse Chappell

TNG - Deanna Troi

DS9 - Dax

Voy - Seven

Ent - T'Pol


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TOS - Uhura

TNG - Beverly Crusher

DS9 - Jadzia Dax

VOY - Kes

ENT - T'Pol


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Alright, I'll play along.

TOS - Uhura

TNG - Troi

DS9 - Jadzia

VOY - Seven of Nine (Kes? Are you guys kidding?)

ENT - I;'ll go with T'pol today.


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Kamala from episode The Perfect Mate-TNG

Adult Molly O'Brian from episode Time's Orphan-DS9

Torres(Human side from episode Faces)-VOY


Uhura-Star Trek




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I feel like this is a little bit sexist. But I would be lying to say there weren't some sexy women on Trek through the years. And Trek has never been shy to draw attention to that. So first, I want to acknowledge that all the women named here are/were great actresses. And now we press onward.

I suppose we are talking about at least semi-regular chracters here. 

Some of these are so easy.

TOS: Uhura. Legs.

TNG: This one is one of the hardest because 30 to 40-something female hairstyles of the 1980s are not all that great to me, and hair is important. I want to name Keiko and be done with this, but she didn't appear all that regularly. There were only two regular females on TNG, and of them, I find Deanna Troi the most attractive. The low-cut uniform top, the tight bottoms... Councelor Troi is ALL WOMAN and she can even help you sort your head out when need be.

DS9: Again, the hairstyles. But by the mid 90s it wasn't QUITE so bad. Not sure if Ezri counts because she was only there at the end, but she would be my first pick. As for Jadzia, she is physically awesome, but there's something about her personality that I don't totally dig. Major Kira has a NICE body. I feel like this one is a 3-way tie. You know what? Unless this breaks the rules, for me, it's Ezri, because otherwise it's too hard for me to pick.

Voy: Seven of Nine. With the Captain and me in a hot tub sipping Romulan ale. There, I said it!

Ent: I wasn't even aware of any other characters in this series, male or female, besides T'Pol. And I've seen every single episode. Heartthrob City.




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Janice Rand

Deanna Troi

Jadzia Dax




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TOS Yeoman Barrows (Shore Leave)

TAS M'Ress (Meee-YOW!!)

TNG Ensign Lefler (Ashley Judd, homina homina!!!)

DS9 Jadzia Dax (although I didn't watch it all that much...)


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TOS the green chick Kirk makes out with

TNG the security chick

ENT not Tpol, too much plastic, the other one forget her name

Voy Janeway, what a woman! Classy but tough

DS9 only saw 3 episodes so I guess the one with the long ear ring.

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