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Explaining the deflector shields


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Would any body care to explain how the deflector shields, or just shields work? Because  I can't count how many times the Enterprise has had "shields down to 45%!", and phasers or whatnot are tearing the hull up. Do shields have to be at 100% all the time to deflect something?

In the 2009 movie (haters please dont post here, this discussion is for people that like ALL Star Trek stuff), they have full shields up when they warp into the debris field and have to dodge all of this massive debris, and part of the Enterprise hits some debris and scrapes off metal chunks. Would the shields not have deflected something as simple as debris?


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ANybody? NOBODY knows about the sheilds? Come on!


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deflector sheilds are like a secondary hull projected out from the ship, the particles are spread out much further, giving it the invisible sheild look. this is combined with a gravitational sheilding system, bending energy away, and magnetic sheilds, also helping bend energy away. 

    the phasers destroy the particles in one spot, alowing phasers to breach the sheilds before the gravitational sheilds manuver more particles into the void, making the feild a percentage  of the original particles active in the sheild.


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I believe it is also a matter of how much force is being applied to a direct spot of the hull as to how much to shields can take. If it is just microdebris rebounding probably not a huge deal. Large debris is applying severe pressure on one spot, which likely reduces the shield's ability to distribute the pressure.

I guess one way to put it is a bed of needles. If the pressure is less by one needle, it won't penetrate the skin. If the pressure is distributed evenly, there isn't penetration of the skin. Same idea with the shields. Phaser blasts can be absorbed and distributed across a greater area. Physically impact is concentrated, much like the Kazon ship breaching Voyager's hull, or the Klingon torpedoes breaching the Enterprise and Excelsior's hulls during the final battle in Undiscovered Country.

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