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Captain Va'Kel Shon USS Enterprise NCC-1701-F


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Who here is a supporter of the Enterprise F? I personally am especially its Andorian Captain Shon i personally loved the character in the earlier missions with the Belfast so i wasnt dissapointed when he was assigned to the Enterprise. 


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He seems okay so far. Though I hope they develop his character more in future missions.

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At first I didn't notice the distinction between the Captain of the Belfast (Shon) and the Andorian engineer from the tutorial (Lt. Theliss)--when the Enterprise-F debuted, it hit me and I was accepting but, like Mitch, hoped for a little more depth.

I think we got that added depth in the 3rd anniversary mission, "Temporal Ambassador" when the alternate Shon helped provide the distraction against the Tholian guards.  All in all... I'm impressed.

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Agreed. I really liked how he's the one who selflessly helps you escape.

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