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DS9 Blu-ray


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Has anyone heard any info on if DS9 will be getting the Blu-ray treatment like TNG.

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I am also looking forward to DS9 on Blu-ray.  I'm confident that CBS will gradually remaster all treks to Blu-ray. 


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Just sucks. I'm craving watching it so bad right now but I think i want to wait untill Blu-ray if it happens. My last run through of the serires had to be at least 3 years ago.

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I put off buying any Trek blu-rays until I was confident that the whole franchise would be done, and I am now confident that it will be.

Back when they did TOS on blu-ray, everyone said TOS was it, that we wouldn't see anything else. That TNG, DS9 and Voyager were impossible to put on blu ray because of the way they were filmed, and that the only series they could do it with was TAS and ENT, and they would never do those for fear that they wouldn't sell.

So I decided to wait, I am very OCD and need a completed Trek collection, but now here are, they released all 10 movies on blu ray, and all 3 seasons of TOS, and then look at that, they indeed found a way to put TNG on blu ray! And it looks great!

What finally convinced me to go ahead and begin my blu ray collection, was when Enterprise Season 1 became available for blu ray for pre-order.

If they are doing Enterprise they are doing EVERYTHING mark my words. And that isn't a stab at Enterprise by any means. I love Enterprise very much and enjoy watching it, but because most fans hate it, I expected Enterprise to be the last one out, if ever, but TOS did very well, and TNG has done extremely well, and Enterprise is coming out along side TNG, simply because it's already HD ready, and far easier to do than the other remaining series are.


I am extremely confident that we will see either DS9 Season 1 or Voyager Season 1 on blu ray shortly after TNG Season 7 comes out. I'm hoping to see all 4 seasons of Enterprise out this year. We have TNG Season 3 coming out at the end of April, and Season 4 and 5 are scheduled for 2013 though a month has not been given yet, and Season 6 and 7 are shooting for 2014. So hopefully DS9 will be coming out in 2014. It will happen eventually, it's just going to take awhile.


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i pray every night

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