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Starbase Yukon: Base of Operations for the Atlantis fleet.


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The year is 2395.

The Federation is turned upside down and inside out. The Romulans were nearly decimated by the explosion of their sun and the destruction of Romulus. The Federation was severely crippled from the Dominion War, when they lost Deep Space Nine to the Dominion. Which, was later destroyed to prevent Captain Sisko from retaking it. As well as the last Borg invasion at sector 001, where the Enterprise - E was lost with all hands back in the late twenty first century, as they blew up the ship to save the Earth.

The Klingons seized upon the 'glorious' oppurtunity and turned on their allies to gain the dominance of the Alpha Quadrant as they had always dreamed of, but could never achieve before. The Romulans are unable to defend themselves and Stafleet is being forced back to defend it's core worlds, but are being ripped apart by the Klingon advance.

The Atlantis Fleet was forged in the fires of desperation and pain. The Fleet Headquarters is located at Starbase Yukon. It's a port of call for the Federation and the Fleet's Base of Operations. Commanded by Vice Admiral Grohmann, the base's new mission is to oversee the front lines of the Klingon advance and provide assistance to the Federation's outer worlds. To hold the line until the end.

A ship used for Base operations, the U.S.S. Advance, a prometheus class vessel, is also a part of the sim. These positions are not filled independently, but if you join the base, you can request a spot on it, or create an NPC.

All Flight Control Department Positions
All Strategic Operations Department Positions
All Fleet Security Positions
All Operations Department Positions
All Fleet Engineering Department Positions
All Fleet Science Department Positions
Chief Medical Officer taken, no other Medical positions filled
All Diplomatic Department Positions Taken
Marine Division Commander filled, none other
All Starfighter Positions Available (Combat Fighters)
All JAG Positions
All Civilian Affairs Positions
All U.S.S. Advance positions available, excluding Commanding Officer

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