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Best resource for Trek costumes?


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Report this Feb. 28 2013, 1:55 am

I'm looking for some Voyager costumes for my wife and I to wear to the next Dragoncon. Can you recomend any companies that are better than others. I don't want the flimsy kind that they sell around Halloween.


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Try the website CosplaySky.

I think they even have a Trek sale going on.


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Report this Feb. 28 2013, 8:31 am (Formerly Lincoln Enterprises) is (was?) Majel Barett's Trek online momorabilia store.  They have the typical costume-quality uniforms, as well as authentic uniform PATTERNS, if you have the skill/talent/time to make your own.  Unfortunately, they don't carry authentic show-quality uniforms pre-made (as far as I am aware).  You might try heading over to and leave a message for James Cawley & crew to see if they have any suggestions.  They make their own, but they were selling authentic uniforms at one point. Howeer, I don't know if they still do.

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I need a Trek Uniform within the next week in Canada, pretty sure it isn't possible though so I'll probably make my own.


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Report this May. 04 2013, 6:01 pm

Has anyone here had any experience with ANOVOS?  I'm looking for a (yes, I know this is non-canon, but I want to just play Captain Kirk and I'm a girl so...) Captain's Style command woman's uniform.

I found this, which looks very well made:

Also, for boots, does anyone here have experience with MotorCowboy?

Here is their site:

I have a deformed foot due to a staph infection that nearly required it to be amputated, so paying big bucks for a really comfortable pair of custom boots that would fit is worth the investment to me if they are truly well made.

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