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The Human and the Blackhole Theory


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The connection and proof that BlackHoles lead to other dimensions and locations in space and that life exists elsewhere in the Universe and just not on Earth.

We know that the blackhole is a very destructive force in the Universe that it consumes all the matter in its path whole solar systems, stars, planets everything reducing even the largest of stars into it's base particles.  But with all of the mass that a blackhole consumes the matter must go somewhere.

I would have to theorize that a blackhole is like another destructive force in the Universe. That other force is humanity. Humans are as destructive as the blackhole on a elementary scale comparable to our abilities but humans are just as capable as creating just as the blackhole is.

Comparative overlay

Human figure on the left. The image of the blackhole on the right.

First I will begin with the mouth of the human and the event horizon of the blackhole. Both beings require matter in order to survive. For the human this comes in the form of many types of food. For the blackhole such food comes int the form of stars, planets whole solar systems. Both beings cannot survive with sustanance. Both human and blackhole alike would die without the ability to consume food. Such a consumption causes each body to grow in size and yes both eventually die of old age.

But the most interesting connection is the following.

When a human consumes food the systems of the body break that which has been eaten down into what the body needs on a daily basis the rest is stored. That which cannot be used is passed through the digestive system and out of the body either as urine or stool or sometimes even regurgatation.

A blackhole operates in the same manner. The blackhole consumes all local matter where the matter is digested inside of the event horizon where matter that is consumed becomes part of the ecrition disck and sometimes matter is ejected out of the blackhole in the form of various types of radiation. But the question where does the matter that is digested that isn't stored in the ecrition disk and ejected back into space goto?

For the human the matter that is passed through the body that is not able to be broken down and stored as energy exits the body as either urine or stool. The process of creation however isn't finised there for the remnants of the energy that was consumed by human for the simple fact that stool can be dried out and crushed and used as fertilizer.

This I know for certain from growing up on a farm I spent many Saturdays during the Summer loading the manure spreader. You really don't fully understand the Universe until you shovel cow ShVt for eight hours a day.

Once the stool is dried out crushed and spread over the ground the enzymes and the microbes in the stool and the ground along with other creatures such as flies sift through the stool looking for particles of food that were passed through the body and out as stool that their bodies then digest the food in the same manner that the human and black hole does thus continuing the circle of life. Microbials in the ground pass what they can't use out into the ground along the flies and other insects where the very small amounts of energy are stored in the ground until a seed comes along and absorbs its energy in order for it too grow into a plant or tree.

The same would have to bee true with a blackhole because humanity was created by the Universe and since the comparisons thus so far have mirrored one another another then a blackhole would also have a digestive track that like the food that our body cannot use as energy the matter that is not able to stored by the blackhole would pass through a conduit and eventually empty out some other place in space time. Like the human stool that is then used by other insects as energy and fertilization for seeds the particles that are passed through the blackhole's conduit would possibly emerge in various parts of the Universe in the form of micro blackholes. Once the micro hole blackhole has deposited the particle mass the particles would be picked up by other particles based upon the particles ability to combine with them to create other particles such as hydrogen, helium, etc that begin the process of creating life once again just like it does on Eart in the above example.

This is comparatively true because like I mentioned humans are born of the Universe and that the natural forces that we see in the Universe like the blackhole are relative to each other and differ only in the type of matter that is consumed. A blackhole consumes all matter and uses it based upon nergetic reactions. Humans on the other hand cannot consume all types of matter but only what is able to be converted into energy by the biological systems of our bodies in order to provide energy for our body to work to perform a function or process for a purpose.

This theory also comparatively proves that humans are not the only life in the Universe. At the same time that the Big Bang occured energetic reactions and combinations of particles that formed the human seed would have been traveling through space and eventually ended up on Earth. The same ring of energy that carried the human seed from the beginning of the Big Bang would also have carried the seed of life for other species of life as well that once they encountered a planet that was able to sustain them the seed would have grown into a life such in the form of a human or otherwise.

This can also once again be comparatively proven just by looking at the human reproductive system. The male releases millions of sperm which in this case would be compared to the energy and particles released during the Big Bang.Such particles then travel the Universe until they come into contact with the egg which is in this case is a planet that is able to support the combination of the sperm to grow a new life. This is true because humans and the Universe are one in the same. So with that being said the possiblity of life existing elsewhere in the Universe is true and not debateable as Earth being the only planet in the Universe capable of sustaining life. If such a notion was true then there would only be one female that was able to give birth. But since there are hundreds of millions of females that can be impregnated and a life grown in the womb then the same notion would of fertile planets existing elsewhere in the Universe is true. Some with life on them others able to sustain life.

Such planets may or may not have life on it based upon the notion that like the fertile male and female that cannot conceive children because of the celluar communication between each gender the process of life and sustainability of life on a planet would still be present.

Like I mentioned before humans are a mirror of the Universe. The same process of life that exists in us is a mirror of how we were created by the Universe which means that life will in fact exist elsewhere in the Universe and not just on Earth.

The only difference between the Universe and Humanity is that humanity has the ability to determine its own fate to make a choice.  A choice that should be governed, that needs to be governed by intelligence free of greed and of want of what others have for theirself lest the human remain like the beast that lays in the dirt and slithers to and fro that are like the Universe without the ability to create a higher level of thought except for self loathing and dominance that can never be achieved and will never be achieved by any human for as long as humanity is a presence in the Universe.


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