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USS Sutherland


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Fed up of the same SMS Star Trek RPG? Don’t feel that you have an influential say in a direction of a simm or missions? The USS Sutherland is for you.

After being part of multiple sims I got fed up of Commanding Officers ignoring players posts when it would slightly alter the mission or give a sub story to it.  (Or worse, the sim would take off then the CO would go missing).

On the USS Sutherland we are looking for writers who love the Star Trek RPG world, who can bring their own artistic quirky story lines to the table with endless opportunities and freedoms to help enhance and make missions interesting. 

The USS Sutherland is not a simm mainly focused on the volume and speed of missions, we are looking to harbor a small community of Star Trek loving writers who have a place to laugh and unwind and have some fun out of character. 

We are not looking for an Engineer or Helmsmen were looking for a creative thinker, writer to become part of a family. For those who like writing characters in certain positions, good news! All positions are open.

The Sutherland is launching this week and therefore here is your chance to be in from the beginning. 

The USS Sutherland is a Nebula Class starship under Bravofleet, Task Force 38. We are currently on an exploration in the Delta Quadrant.

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GROUP: Members


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Executive Officer and Chief Flight Control officer positions have been taken. All other positions are open!!!

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