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Im watching TNG season-4 "Half Life" and im going to watch whatever i feel like it next and i will post here my opinion of how they are. Or you could put your opinion on the episode you watched.


"Half Life" TNG season-4


Onlything i didn't like in this episode would be Luwaxanna Troi. I love councilor Deanna Troi , But her mother is sorta of a turn off for me , but i sucked it up and watched it. At least Chief O'brien apppears in this episode a couple of times.And a few good shots of the Enterprise D.the telepathic conversation that takes place is a little goofy, It Star Trek i can't hate it unless it's Wesely!!! LOL 



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I'm watching the best episode of all... Yesterday's Enterprise. I love everything about it. Major battle, alternate reality, new ship. 

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Quote: Coolguy325 @ Feb. 28 2013, 7:32 am


>I'm watching the best episode of all... Yesterday's Enterprise. I love everything about it. Major battle, alternate reality, new ship. 


It is defiantly an awesome episode, the last episode I watched was "Inheritance" it was pretty heartfelt

Five Captains

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I know it has been a very long time since I have been on here. Things got busy. I moved to a new city, recently got married and I guess just never found time but my new bride encouraged me to get back on here since Star Trek is what I love.

Well I just got through watching the borg series. I love how it goes full circle. Started with ENT episode Regeneration, then TNG episoes The Neutral Zone, QWho, The Best of Both Worlds and then the movie, First Contact. I finished it off with VOY episode Scorpion. Right now I am in the middle of the episodes that dealt with the Romulans trying to break up the Klingon/Federatiion alliance and the episodes that dealt with the Vulcan/Romulan reunification efforts. I am not sure what I will get into after that. Maybe the TOS movie trilogy, TWOK, TSFS, TVH or maybe DS9 Dominion War.


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At the moment I'm watching VRG. But I bought the TNG blu-ray's haven't watched them yet can't wait.

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Face of the Enemy, where Troi pretends to be a Romulan Tal Shiar agent.


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S7 Emergence

The knight and the train car is weird.


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Just watched "Best of Both Worlds" Pts 1 and 2 


I was sitting around and thought let's watch all the TNG borg episodes. And so i watched this one where Locutust is created. And Riker takes command of the Enterprise , then there's Cmdr.Shelby who i like.


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Isn't it kind of hard to watch an episode and be on here at the same time? If you are on here, you're not really watching it.


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Devil's Due.

"If you drop a hammer on your foot, it's hardly useful to get mad at the hammer." --Commander William Riker


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Best of Both Worlds Parts 1 and 2....which brings me to a question

Why didn't the Enterprise cut loose the saucer Section before they engaged the Borg?!?

I mean, isn't that why the seperation design was created? to allow the civilian population to get out of the way so the star drive section could fight unencumbered by heavy collateral damages. I seem to recall worf saying something along the lines of "without it's bulk, the Enterprise becomes a formidable weapon"

I would've put a competant officer in charge of the Saucer section (Perhaps even Wesley) and had him take it way the Hell out of the combat zone while the rest of the required crew fought the Borg in the Star-Drive section.


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Just finished S7- Dark Page. Normally I can't stand Lwaxana Troi episodes, but this one wasn't too bad. Despite being kinda stupid in parts and her acting needing a little work *cringe* it /almost/ made it into the tear-jerker category, but not quite.

Decent, for a Lwaxana Troi episode.


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I most recently watched Voyager's Deadlocked where Voyager was split into 2 entire ships; each with its own crew. The two ships are out of phase and out of alignment. However, the anti-matter did not duplicate and both ships needed that. Therefore only one ship and one crew can survive. It was more of an intense epiisode where Voyager's situation becomes more dire when the Vidians (I call them the Phage People) arrive and start boarding and overtake the crew. 


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I am watching "FAMILY." Not a particularly
exciting episode, but a very satisfying one.

Unfortunately, this is about the time that
everyone from France has given up their cool
accent to talk with a British one ... which
was NOT the case, in Season One. ONLY Picard
spoke like a Brit, others from France did not!
Quite aside from this, I love how Worf's got
his own family issues to deal with, as does
Wesley. It's a well-written, well-produced and
directed episode. The guest stars all do great
work and ... look at me, how I rail on about TNG!

But what else can I do? ... I LOVE it!!!


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I think my episode for tonight is Galaxy's Child.

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