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Frontier Fleet hosts Forum-based Roleplay


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Frontier Fleet is a role-play oriented fleet within the Star Trek: Online game.

Frontier's promary goal is immersion.  We want to "play Star Trek" and pretend that we're Starfleet officers serving aboard Federation vessels.  It's the environment--we're looking for a Trek-simulator as oposed to the "World of Warcraft-in-Space" that some people play.

That brings us here.  As much as we enjoy good role-play--it's still an MMO which means, sometimes, we still have to grind for loot to get the nice little goodies that being in a fleet has to offer.  So, Frontier's leadership has organized the fleet into Task Forces, each with a different job, to capture everyone's preferred play style while maximizing on talents and resources needed for upgrades and bonuses.

Task Force-BETA is the forum-based role-play component of Frontier Fleet.  A rudimentary knowledge of Star Trek canon (and history, as it applies to the year 2409) is an asset but not required.  I would like to offer open invitations to any simmers/modders/role-players who would like to enhance our RP experience.

Frontier Fleet is currently organizing TF-beta, still ironing out the kinks, but as soon as we do within the next few days--expect great things.  Plenty of adventures to be had by everyone.

The concept is free-form RP with light-to-moderate direction/GMing.  Each character will play his/her own captain their own vessel (naturally, they will play their own bridge crews as well.)  This isn't your typical one-character-per-person type forum.  It would help, and we encourage you to join us in the game as well, but it is not required for forum participation.

If you are interested, please head over to and send a PM to Fleet Captain Dasazi Aunlul... You can also post here for questions--myself and FleetAdmiral_BamBam will be monitoring the thread.

U.S.S Gawain NCC-91980
Commanding Officer, Frontier Fleet


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And if anyone wants to join our fleet, please let me know

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