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It might be my imagination but it seems to me that people that have been involved in Star Trek tend to remain friendly or even actively in contact with one another after their series is over. As in they appear to remain in touch like they really might be genuine friends.

It could be my imagination, but I haven't noticed the same behavior from the stars and behind the scenes people from other shows. Like you might see William Shatner wishing Brent Spiner a happy birthday. What are other people's thoughts? Am I incorrect? If I do seem correct do you think it's simply working on something for a long time together or is there something about being part of the Star Trek franchise that brings people together even if they didn't directly work with one another?


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I don't believe it is STAR TREK, per se, that
is causing this phenonmenon you mention.
Bill Shatner has never been interested in the
Second Banannas on TOS, for instance ... and
I'm not under the impression that the DS9 crew
was especially "tight," like the TNG cast always was.
But it does seem to me that Hollywood stars all,
kind of, know eachother and interact often ...


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Shatner and Nimoy have always been great friends. And the TNG cast was very tight. Teh VRG cast at least some of them seem close on twitter.

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Generally , Star Trek Fans are friendly people ! Although , Bill Shatner is misunderstood a lot of the time , he still tries to keep in touch with all the old actors ! He has publicly said that he not only respects them , but fondly remembers those times , and still enjoys their being together .

@2takesfrakes - Great Photo of the TNG Crew ! 

Bill's pretty old now as well as the surviving TOS Crew . I think it's farewell for them now . And the TNG Crew are only a little younger .


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Thank you, heronymous. Yessir ...
just like TNG, its a Crowd Pleaser!

And while STAR TREK has much crossover,
all actors are bound to see eachother at
Hollywood parties, clubs, social circles,
or just around the same neighborhood ...

many even share the same agent!

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