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Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly fan film!


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Report this Feb. 24 2013, 11:10 am

Hay guys,  -- Check out the Kickstartaer promo on You Tube


Star Trek: Temporal Anomaly is basically something that all fans wish had happened, a meeting of all of the Star Trek Era's with a twist.


Temporal Anomaly is a "short film" as we are aiming for around 20 minutes and will be filmed on digital DSLR cameras which can be seen prom the prop give an amazing visual quality. There will be between 6-8 major characters with the extra's hopefully coming in from this Kickstarter campaign, each of the main characters are actors by trade and will put the time and effort in to make this film as good as it can be.


If you check out the rewards you can get DVD's, signed photos, have a scene written by you made by us and even be in the film as an extra with a speaking role if you want! Check it out!


We want to make the best film possible and that can only happen with your help! This is a Star Trek film made by Star Trek Fans!


Check out our official Facebook and Twitter at [url][/url] & [url][/url] for regular updates!


So check out the Kickstarter page, see what you think, Share on your social networks if you like and of course pledge if you can!


Thanks guys!

Samuel Cockings


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