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Star Trek Programming In Your Area


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I'm just wondering what Trek programming is like in other...sectors.

I think everyone gets the Fri-Sun TNG mini marathons on BBC America, and (occaisionally) SyFy.

There are several stations that seem to like to show Trek films, one of which is FX.

In addition, locally I get TOS at 9pm every Sat on METV, and at 1am every Sunday on WADL.

Unfortunately, no Voy, Ent, or DS9 are shown in my area.

Strangely, CBS never seems to show Trek of any sort.

What's up with that?

I really think CBS should show back-to-back-to-back DS9/Voy/Ent every Sat from 10pm-1am.

How does Trek programming in your area differ? 



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Well, I don't have cable TV anymore, I watch on Netflix. You can get all the series for $7.99 per month. It's been hard not to do anything else in my free time. I own the movies on VHS (still). The tapes are at least 15 years old, but they serve me. 

When I did have cable, it was BBC America and Syfy for Next Gen, Enterprise on Syfy, Movies were on HBO and Showtime (Nemesis). Deep Space Nine and Voyager haven't been on TV in this area in 4 years. Really used to tick me off. Thankfully, the local library has DVDs you can send out for and they have all the movies on Blu-Ray. 

The Original Series is hacked to death on WADL. But they cut out some very good scenes, on top of the fact that I am used to the extended cuts of the program because of watching tapes and dvds when I was growing up. So I know them, and then they cut out a scene, I go into it, and get frustrated. 

Its stories are about the depth and complexity of human interaction and relationships. It studies us and asks us to look within ourselves, to relate, to ask how would we respond to all that is in their world?


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A lot of people are canceling cable in favor of Netflix and/or Hulu Plus, lately! I am thinking about it.

$120-$150/month for cable just to keep up with 3-4 shows/week and watch some Trek reruns is pretty steep. I mean, even if someone watches sports on TV, you could go to 6-7 games/month instead for about the same price and keep up with the rest on the radio.

You must be close if you know WADL.


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Aside from episodes from my DVD collection...

MGM Channel is showing the Star Trek movies in sequence (they just showed Nemesis)... I think it has something to do with the next movie coming out soon.

Aside from that, it's Nix Nothing Nada Nani-mo-nai! Sci-fi stuff has been rather scarce on telly recently.

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I watch them on Amazon prime videos. Also on netflix, and on TV antenae TOS also am a stargate sg-1 fan and the play season seven on THIS or METV. 


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I own all the DVDs and blu-rays that are out. So I watch whenever 

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