The 2012 winner of the Simming League's 'Simming Prize', Starbase 400 has a rich, dedicated community.

Simming continuously since 1995, Starbase 400 has developed a vast backstory, complete with two dozen permanent NPCs, a fleet of ships, and a dangerous intersection of space to defend.

To support its in character universe, Starbase 400 maintains an academy, a database, a timeline of sim canon, and logs of each mission to ensure members are informed.

Infused with a focus on character development and realistic storytelling, these factors combine, producing an intensely vibrant sim.

Now, Starbase 400 is looking for you! New or Veteran, any dedicated player is welcome to join our family! Managed by the 2011 'Simming Prize' winner Mike Bremer, how could you go wrong being apart of something special?

Currently, Starbase 400 is looking to fill these important positions;
Chief Science Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Command Master Chief
1st Marine Division Executive Officer
1st Marine Division First Sergent
181st Tactical Fighter Wing CO
Asst. Chief Security/Tactical
Asst. Chief Operations Officer

Starbase 400 is played via NOVA. Learn more at and join the adventure today at! We can't wait to have you aboard!