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Star Trek can keep families close, spark romance, or fuel friendships. How has being a Star Trek fan affected you?


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Star Trek has always been something that brought my family together. Most recently, I have had the honor of seeing my brother for the TNG episodes that have been put in movie theaters. But that's just the latest in the history of Star Trek and my family and friends. 

Its stories are about the depth and complexity of human interaction and relationships. It studies us and asks us to look within ourselves, to relate, to ask how would we respond to all that is in their world?


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The friends I have made through Trek (although distant) have been some of the best friends ever.

Have you ever danced with a Tribble in the pale moonlight?


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Keeps me sane and gives me a little hope for humanity , that one day we can live in peace. I know that may be a long long long time. Also i will watch star trek episodes and movies with my mom and dad they got me hooked on star trek. we were watching Nemeisis last night stupid netflix streaming was acting up, or it was my internet.


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The ST community hasn't affected me at all.  Probably because I don't see it as a community.  In the end, it's just a show, and I've been a lifelong fan. 

The only way ST has adversley affected my life was a date with a girl where she asked if I was a trekkie (because I'm an aerospace engineer).  I said I was a fan, and she told me she didn't care for the show.  I wasn't surprised when that was our first and last date. 

The girl I ended up marrying, the blond, beach0-vollyball playing bikini designer, didn't have a problem with it.  She liked TOS, but wasn't a fan.  And, incredibly enough, she really liked DS9 (she was ok with TNG and hated VOY). 



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Star Trek has been a big part of my life. But sadly I have met very few people who like it. I tend to show friends the movies and they like them. But most people I know besides me and my brother woun't ever go past the movies.

"Please Watch Our Films"


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I'll admit that JJ Abrams ST has gotten me into the whole star trek series (I know...flame me all you want) and my favorite series is TNG.

I'm a liberatarian and as much as I don't agree with some of star trek politics, I find some of their values is something... I want to live by, not because I HAVE to but because I WANT to. 

Star Trek also sparks questions that I ask for myself, how do I disattach myself from the need of possessions or the "accumulation of things?" How do I rid of the hate or anger (like old leather) that humans are so familiar with? The respect for different cultures is something I already learned before watching ST but after watching it these questions are dig deep into what I feel will make me a better person. 


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The first small ST fan club meeting I attended reminded me of a church youth group. It was slightly nerdy but everyone was glad to be there and anyone was accepted with respect and without egos and expectations. I think it is because the values and positive nature of ST reflect what is good about humanity.

Our family has been forced to watch it over the years as I control the TV


 That means we can share some metaphors and language as well as some "in" ST jokes as part of our shared experience of life. 

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