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Report this Feb. 20 2013, 7:40 pm

Hello fellow Star Trek fans and Borg fans! I just joined this forum tonight.

I enjoy collecting Borg merchandise (obviously) and want to share with you some of the Borg stuff that I own. I have the Playmates Borg Queen action figure, Locutus action figure, Hugh action figure, Seven of Nine action figure, Target exclusive Borg Drone and Locutus of Borg two-pack, Target exclusive Seven of Nine action figure MOC, Target exclusive Seven of Nine doll, Star Trek Collector's Series Borg bank MIB, Johnny Lightning Borg Cube ship, Star Trek Borg Fan Collective on DVD, and ALL the Borg episodes featured in TNG and Voyager on DVD as well plus much more!

What Borg stuff do you own?

Resistance is futile collecting Borg merchandise!

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