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Why is Voyager your favourite?


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Quote: Capt.K.Mull @ Jun. 12 2013, 9:28 pm


>Star Trek Voyager is my fav. simply because it is the only one with a true story line season1 epi.1 to season7 episode26, all the others are just cuagulated storys with the same characers. I like storys in voyager each episode is like a chapter in a book.  



DS9 was seralized also.....not just voyager....TOS and TNG were episodic for teh most part though....


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Well voyager was my first foray into trek so i think thats why its my fave...its my first love!  I do love the characters and situation of the show though as well-and i agree with whoever said that it really seems like roddenberry would have approved of it!  There were morals and lessons to learn in this series (as well as many other series but this one did it stunningly!)  I liked the technology in this series as well.  everything was just perfect.  I am also fascinated by the borg and so i got alot of them in this series.  learning about new alien cultures was fun as well.

Voy is my fave series, but i stll love DS9 and TNG as well. 


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I appreciate Voyager the best because of:


a) its potential between two factions vying for power (with "Worst Case Scenario" being a well-written way to finally explain why the two groups came together so quickly and what might otherwise have happened)

b) Tuvok being the chance to flesh out Vulan mythos

c) The Borg

d) a captain that drinks coffee

e) the inclusion of Seven as a detached Borg, having to learn humanity after decades of being a drone.  She and Janeway were a great double-act



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I think Voyager was the best Star Trek because, in my opinion, it had the best ship, best crew, best storylines, etc., although many will disagree.

I think Voyager was the most capable and modern ship in Star Trek. It actually felt more like the future than any previous Star Trek. I loved the idea that these people were lost so far away from home, and were still able to survive independently. I also loved how new everything was. I loved the exploration. They could do so much more with Voyager than they could've done with other Star Treks. 

The characters were the best. I don't think there's ever been characters as good as The Doctor or Seven Of Nine in Star Trek before. And the others were great too, especially Captain Janeway. Everything about Voyager's crew was great.

And I actually think Voyager's storylines were fresh, exciting and new. As I mentioned earlier, they could do things they could never do in other Star Treks. A lot of people say they copied TNG's storylines with Voyager but I completely disagree.


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Quote: jamiepantry10 @ Feb. 19 2013, 3:10 pm


>why is Star Treks Voyager your favourite?


The short answer is it's not. But I could tell you what I like about it.

I have heard Voyager compared to Homer's Odyssey -- (which is one of my favourite epics) -- in the sense of a lost ship trying to find the way home and having many adventures along the way. As a premise, I quite like that idea.

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no offence to those who like VOY the most, but to put it bluntly, it isnt my favourite, TNG is. Voyager is better then DS9 thought, I think I like seeing many things happening to a ship traveling instead of a station. for example, the station won't be accidentaly setting any speed records and such

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Two years I stumbled across Voyager's 5th season on tv so I started watching it. I previously watched Next Gen so I was curious about what Voyager was about. I think what captured me about Voyager was the strong female influence, being so far away from starfleet and how Voyager focuses more on friendship/family bonds rather than just the typical sci-fi issues. 

After watching season 5 and starting season 6 I got so wrapped up in Voyagers journey home (not to mention I got a tab bit obsessed over the Tom and B'Elanna romance). So I watched the entire show in order and that was it... I fell in love with the show. Some episodes make me cringe *cough* threshold, but the amount of intriguing episodes, the in depth character development and finally a canon romance I really ship made Voyager my favourite tv show that was an accident to find.



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It's not my favorite, but it's a close second. I hated it in 1995, but lately I've become addicted to it.

I think it has the strongest female characters of any Trek series -- also the most, at least in the main cast. Seven, B'Elanna, and Janeway are also my favorite characters of the series, and a big reason I keep watching. As much as I love TNG, that show was clearly led by Picard, Data, and Worf. DS9 and Enterprise were also very masculine. Voyager makes a refreshing change of pace.

I'm also pretty crazy about the wide and wondrous variety of stories about time travel, alternate realities, and artificial or alien intelligences. Voyager isn't everything it could have been, but it's consistantly entertaining and often surprising.


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Quote: Pooneil @ Jan. 07 2014, 6:53 pm


>I'm also pretty crazy about the wide and wondrous variety of stories about time travel, alternate realities, and artificial or alien intelligences. Voyager isn't everything it could have been, but it's consistantly entertaining and often surprising.



I want to really like Voyager. But found it had too many of these stories. I think that ties into some of the problems of ENT too. The focus on time travel and alternate realities for those two searies was too strong of an anchor.

But I do have to say Year of Hell is one of the best VOY espidoes that did alternate reality just right. Spot on.




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I enjoyed it because the whole series (mostly) was in completely unexplored space. Deep Space Nine kind of did that, but only 2% of the time was actually in the Gamma quadrant.

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Voyager is my favorite because:

I love how roxanne dawson embraced her charachter enough to even direct some episodes

I like janeway even though a lot of times she makes the wrong decision

i love the idea of a crew that is forced together and has to learn to get along

Seven of nine was such a wonderful charachter to watch develop, as was the doctor, although he felt a bit like dr mccoy with the im a doctor not a engineer and such that

and i love chakotay as second officer because i think at first he wasnt happy about it but he did end up helping the crew band together and he ended up becoming a great friend and advisor to janeway


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Despite the fact that McGrew is Captain I like this series the most.  They focus on the crew is a kind of team rather than Command Base.  Also, the plots are just a bit more complicated, and it brings back the old time aloneness of the OS without Kirks Queerness which I rather be around McGrew's ethiusasm for tenderness which she often balances.  Anyway, Picard from Next Generation is my favorite Captain but I get the feel he is "Running" a active community often where as Voyager flies threw regions and the chaos of the region or the unkown happens.  Enterprise brang this aloneness, but you knew from the beginning that a lot of everything was going to come out and the Federation would happen.  But to experience it was good.  They had a good Captain, and focused mostly on the base of the first Command rather than crew as people serving rather quite often.  Now the last ep was edgy, but sad when Trip died.  I think it was done to defeat this.  Also, you will note that the action/science/etc is not as even, the first season was lethargically slow and the second was a war season done like season seven of Buffy the Vampire slayer like the whole thing is one continous episode or a long movie.  The balance is in the 3rd season where it wouldn't drive new watchers batty or having them sleeping in there coffee.  LOL.  DS9 was all soap about how the Federation just can't maintain peace in a sector of space.  Instead of installing a badly run station and putting a element of lack of control to deal with locals namely Quark, they should have had envoys going to these worlds with peace negotiators, supplies and relieving there suffering.  As for the anomally that surrounded DS9, they should have had it serve as a depot for crewing ships to handle the situation, and scientists working to understand the anamally instead of "Life is Stuck in the Chaos" therum Deep Space 9 gives off.  The Animated series, the problem is obvous, the idea is that Cartoons are meant to be drawings of artwork to illistrate silly comic situations like in Loony Tunes, not for a sci-fi show.  that was about them trying to continue production when there was no money largely.  Experiment failed.  it was a akin to trying to make a super-hero cartoon into a musical play (Spider-man).  basically its combining elements that do NOT work out.  Humorous cartoon antic drawings used for sci-fi of a possible future.  NOT a good combination.  a series of events met for a serous action sequence where a superhero saves the city while trying to make the event into a comedic by singing and dancing on high-wire props when saving the world, NOT a working combo just in production but safety of caste.  This is was JJ is doing with Trek currently.  Experimenting in teaching of the art of destruction in Star Trek 11 and probably 12.  This is why Star Trek is NOT interesting at the moment.  well, I guess there paying a violent man so he has his whims off the street, problem is its invading our show sadly.  Truthfully, I rather watch Kirk episodes from the OS than the reboot series.  Sorry Star Trek inustries if this makes you feel uncomfortable, because I'm sure you didn't mean to employ JJ.  After all its this kind of thing that really does sell.  Look at Star Wars turn out, I guess you got to go the way of money.  But what you built is no longer Star Trek.  The 11th movie saddens me and always will.

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I enjoy Voyager because of the story; Unlike other series, Voyager is one big story; missing an episode culd leave you completley confused. I think that the characters where amazingly devoloped, each and everyone had flaws I.E B'lanna's temper, 7's social skills, the docter's bed side manners, Neelix's nagging. he characters where all unique, Tuvoks bland while Neelix is a little to colorful. Although there where a few duds, there where as many gems, like the killing game part one and two.






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I am a DS9 guy but if DS9 is 1A then Voyager is 1B for me.

Mind you I just started watching the Series sequentially thanks to Netflix and I am almost done with Season 1.

In the past I caught errant episodes here or there, but I had a buddy who was diehard to both DS9 and Voyager too.

Anyway so far i like it alot.

Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons oh my !!!


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