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Why is Voyager your favourite?


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Report this Feb. 19 2013, 3:10 pm

Star Treks Voyager is my favourite because of my father. He always have it on when I was at his house and now I'm the same as him lol 


and what about you, why is Star Treks Voyager your favourite?


Ensign Moran

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Report this Feb. 23 2013, 6:18 pm

For me, there is a lot of reasons I love Voyager so much.


When I was a very small kid, I saw the slipstream episode on TV and instantly loved it, but unfortunetly I was unable to find any more. Later on in my life I started to watch Star Trek again, starting out with Enterprise. Since it was the only series that has on its site, i figured I'd start there.

I wasn't aware that the Xindi thing had changed the timeline of the entierty of Star Trek, so I just thought that was how things went. After Enterprise I started on Voyager after school one day, and I really liked it! I was hooked from then on haha.

I now even have a mug that reads: Captain Janeway is my Hero!


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I started watching Voyager when it aired in 95' with my dad, I was only 4 and I loved it so much! I watch it right to the end and even though I was 10 when it ended I still cried to see it ended. For the past 12 years I have been waiting, hoping and wishing for them to do Voyager the justice of it's own movie. B'Elanna was always my hero and I ended marrying a guy like Tom Paris.


one trekie

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Voyager isn't my favorite, but it surly ranks high on my trek-o-meter.  It's the only series besides TOS that I own on DVD in its entirety.  


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Voyager for me. They were so far out of reach that they had the real freedom of exploration. I also loved that the captain was a woman, who never gave up on her crew and extended a helping hand to Seven. On a personal note, Ive seen that show during a time in my life where I could relate to their problems. They had no support, lost and needed so much courage, optimism and good faith in one another in order to get by.


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I suppose I could sum it up in one word: Janeway  

I could never get into the other Treks, but as a young woman I found Janeway an inspiration. Not only is she intelligent, brave and in authority, but she is caring and warm too. I also loved the premise of the show, the adventures, and the great chemistry between the crew.


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What I loved about Voyager was that none of the characters had similiar personalities. Thye all had different views of the world, and especially with the Maquis onboard, it certainly made things interesting. You had a starfleet captain, maquis first officer, vulcan security officer, a flyboy pilot, a rookie enign,two aliens no one had known to exist, and then yoou have the holograpihic doctor, and the tempermatic half klingon enigineer. It certainly made things very interesting.

Voyager, although it was not the first series i saw, it was the first series i had ever, in my entire life, made it through. I was that hooked on it. usually it takes me awhile to finish a series.

I also love captian Janeway. She was a role model to me. She always tried to do the right thing. and she was smart. I could also relate to the show at the time because i did not have many friends at the time so seeing them alone in the Delta Quadrant was kind of consoling i guess,

Its just one of the best shows ever.


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Voyager is my favorite series. When I watched it for the first time I immediately was drawn to the characters. They were all complex and interestin, they all had interesting backstories.. They were so unlike the standard cookie cutte do-no-wrong characters that were on TNG. And I loved the concept, a ship alone truly exploring. They didn't have Starfleet to cover their backs when they needed help like TNG or DS9


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Star Trek Voyager is my fav. simply because it is the only one with a true story line season1 epi.1 to season7 episode26, all the others are just cuagulated storys with the same characers. I like storys in voyager each episode is like a chapter in a book.  

AND an most awesome actress with a truly inspired character.

granted i am a little biased with the whole actress thing we share a name and lots of other stuff.



Capt. K. Mull USS Life...Engage


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Voyager is my favorite series. For me it had to do with the characters. They instantly grabbed me and I felt like I cared for them. I never really truly cared abut the characters on TNG or DS9. When someone died it didn't upset me. But with Voyager I really gravitated towards the characters. I loved that they all had some intersting background, not the cookie cutter perfect starfleet graduates that were on TNG. For example Tuvok was going to give up logic because he was in love wtih a girl. Neelix had his whole family die and lives with the guilt of not being there for them, Tom has his accident in his past, kicked out of starfleet, joining the maquis and ending up in jail, Chakotay went against the way of his tribe despite his family being against it to join the academy, Kes ventured to the surface of her planet even though she heard that someone else tried and was never heard from again.

And the stories were great. yes they had some stinkers but for the most part they were the epitome of Star Trek, on their own exploring "strange new worlds" without starfleet backing them up


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From the first time, I saw the pilot episode of Voyager (Caretaker), they had me, hook, line, and sinker!! I loved the basic story line of them being lost in space and trying to get back home and I loved all the characters. And true the star trek spirit,they endured alot of interesting adventures. It was so fun to watch and I looked forward to it every week. And for 7 years straight, I was in total suspense wondering how they would finally come home. I am pretty sure there was a record crowd watching Voyager come home that last episode. I think that last episode could have been done so much better. And if that series finale had been done right, it could've gone to the big screen. I know I would have gone to the theatre to see it. I would have loved them to share one last great adventure and come home on the big screen. Even now, many years later, I still wish they could return to TV or go the the big screen. If they ever do make it into the movie theatre, I and my Star Trek friends will be there.


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I was never a real Trekki like most of you til i saw Voyager on tv and i was bored and decided to watch it instantly i connected with the Capitain Janeway mother side and her don't mess with me .Then i went to the librairy and rented the 7 season dvd and could not stop watching them ,i even brainwashed my roomate into it too .

There is coffee in that nebula

Anime Odo

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OMG I own the whole series!!!!!! I think i watch it because it's startrek and I always watched next gen and they are prity similer. I think that is why Voyager is my fave!!!!

"I don't believe in luck, but I appreciate the sentiment." - Odo


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Report this Sep. 29 2013, 5:48 pm

I had watched a few TNG episodes in the early 90's but didn't get into it too much. I somehow started watching Voyager while on bedrest pregnancy (during the last season) and from the first note of the beautifully moving theme song, I was hooked. I didn't miss an episode and watched reruns every day. I don't know why it's my favorite, because I love TNG too. I think it could have something to do with 7 and Tuvok. I have bipolar disorder and seeing characters who can completely control their emotions is something I probably admire. That is my husband's theory, anyway! (I like Data for this reason, too.)


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I love Voyager because it is -in my opinion- the Star Trek serie that emphasizes the most the beliefs and ideas of G. Roddenberry; also, because it has the best caracters in the Star Trek universe and because it never "canabalized" in a stupid way ideas and situations from TOS, TNG and DS9. Of course, it is the most scientific of all series and movies.

I think that's all i had to tell...

"Logic?...Logic is the begining of wisdom, Valeris, not the end..."

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