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Who do you know from the Star Trek series and/or movies?


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I work with Scott Trost who was in season 2 episode 7 "Unnatural Selection" in 1988 as an ensign on the transporter and Season 6 Episode 5 "Schisms" in 1992 as Lt. Shipley in engineering from TNG. He was also in DS9 Season 1 Episode 2 "A Man Alone" in 1993 as a Bajoran Officer. He is a great guy.


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I know absolutely no one from THE NEXT GENERATION cast, or crew.
However, I was once briefly involved, romantically, with a woman who
was an extra in NORTH & SOUTH, which starred, among others, one
Jonathan Frakes. Whether she knew, or met him, I didn't ask, as she
was quite young, at the time of that particular miniseries.


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My claim to fame was having met Walter Koenig at a con several years ago, and a rather long conversation with James Cawley (same convention, different year).  Also, Mr. Cawley performed (as Elvis) at the casino I worked in.

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Thats pretty cool N&S. Watched that in school years and years ago. I always wanted to meet the original crew and stars of TNG. I wish i could afford to go to the Chicago convention. I have been a long time fan and just found out that my CW was on the show. i asked about it and he told me that at that time Patrick Stewart told him that if it involved money he was  said he enjoyed hanging with the crew and they were all very nice. 

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