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Would Borg heading to the Federation if they UFP more militarily after Q who


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Report this Feb. 15 2013, 12:05 pm

UFP liltle more militirize would borg be as welling just send one Cube. Let say USS Enterpise D was little more build Borg destroy few outpost alone the Netural Zone tringer fullscale war between the two sides. If Pircard was sick I could easily see Riker did that.  A war between the two sides could have last for year or two might lead UFP build own cloaking devce no longer having to worry issue war.  USS Enerpise D in this Q who unlkley strong enough beat Borg Cube on it own.  It doing Borg Cube some real damage and taking some real damage as well before desperation asking Pircard saying we need you Q. Would Borg done invasion Federation space know UFP be militery be match for them. My option yes even though likley after all well fight Specail 8472 they had able to real damage to them. 

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