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How much different would the USS Defiant have made if was operation and running in Best of Both Worlds


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Let say overcame all problem that they having with the Defaint class warship. Would have it made real differnt in battle Worf 359. 

My personal option limited for the follow reason first a single Defaint class starship limited real effect.

It basic put nearly destory during battle Section 001 when in Star Terk first Contact.  In Wolf 359 it had fleet of 41 ship rather then 40 ship. It biggest advance would the tantic ship used not something Pircard know much about. Other advance is last for must battle for Section 001 never real destoryed pratice. This suggestion likley bought hours. Which might provide time for Klingons fleet to arrive and help out and maybe USS Enterpise D. 




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I don't think it would have made a bit of difference. No matter how hardened the Defiant was, it was one ship. 30-40 ships were lost at Wolf 359, and the Borg Cube barely sustained a scratch.




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If the Defiant had been operational at the time of "The Best of Both Worlds", the Borg would have learned of its existence when they assimilated Picard. And as noted in the OP, it barely survived the battle in First Contact.

That said, in "Shattered Mirror" the Defiant's mirror counterpart did pack a huge punch against the Regent's flagship (which was easily as long as a Cube). So I guess anything's possible.

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You all forget one minor factor USS Defaint dent the Borg Cube without question which could delay it for sometime in Star Terk first contact the USS Defaint did some damage Borg Cube. 


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Are we talking about the same Defiant that couldn't easily take down a retrofitted Excelsior class ship that may not have been trying all that hard to kill it? I'm thinking it would do about as much good as a gnat pissing on a kerosene powered bonfire.

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