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New idea for an Enterprise movie plot and correcting some things from the finally show i hated!


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I didn't like the ending for Enterprise, with Trips passing it let me wonder why T'pol didn't feel anything. I reallize the stated that they weren't romanical involed, but surely the bond between them stayed. Plus, it always seemed that Captain Archer is always the one that save the cosmos or timelines.

So to throw a new twist into the mix, I have an idea to fix this and maybe make a movie.

Out of the blue, Daniels bring T'Pol to the future. He shows her the uneffected timeline, before any changes have time to take hold. Some alien race Changed the timeline and things are very depended on her and Trips out come for two reasons. One, as he explains, is that Trips passing along with this race that build a spce/time machine causes the failure of the Federation. Two, thier children have furture importance at which he didn't say what.

Though the space/time machine the alien race wants to destory the Ferderation before it takes hold. They want the races of the cosmos to be slaved to them and only them. The found the linch pin to cause it. By changing things in time where Trip dies allows for all the changes and also pervents thier childrens acton in the furture.

Daniels tells T'Pol there is away to set things right, but she and the crew of Enterprise are going to need help. Also the alien race must believe the Trip is dead.

Daniels, then intorduces her to two Vulcans, One, a female by the name of T'Poel and the other is Chazz. Now, T'Pols Vulcan Logic is questioning all this, yet something seems familiar. When T'Poel speaks she says "It is agreeabl to see you agian mother" Shock and puzzlement runs thought T'Pol's face. Chazz then says hello as well more human like. Tell her his full name is Charles Tucker the 4th, They are nearly 200 years old. T'Pol confussed and not able to grasp all this nearly falls. Chazz helps her to sit.

T'Pol fearing this is just a hocox is trying to understand whats wrong with her. T'Poel knowing this askes her if she was willing to mind meld to find out the of what has been stated. T'Poel tells T'Pol that she must do the meld so there will not be any misgivings. She then agrees. T'Pol does the meld and then learns of the truth in the statesments.

Once she understands, Dainels tells her how Trip can be saved, when, and with whom. As well a mission to remove this threat to the time line forever and dealing with these ailens.

First she must go back to her time with her and Trip's adult children and receive Trips Katra before his death. Than Chazz an engenieer of his time figured out away to use the Transporter to repair his fathers body and allow it to live again(similiar idea that was in one of the Animated series). That is to repair the damange by using a former transporter log to overlay the healthy scan as the beam back log.

This is only good if doctor can start the body fuction fast enought(hint he does).

T'Pol then tells Archer what has happened and what mission they need to complete, but before the can go they must stay for the singing of the charter of the Federation.

The crew of the Enterprise is then told of this mission. They must stop at Vulcan first. In order to make Trip whole them must have the elders perform th Fal-Tor-Pan to place Trips Katra back within him.

While in wrap T'Poel stays with T'Pol in her room. T'Pol is going in and out of control having Trips thoughs and emotions. Finally, she reachs a center and finds herself in the white room from the day dream state. She findsTrip there. He is confussed because he thought he died. She tells him what has happened to this point. He is pissed that she would risk herself and yet overjoyed. She finally tells him that she loves him even after all this time.

They make it to Vulcan and the Elders are told what is needed to be done. No written text of this would every be done(The part where T'Lar in Star Trek 3 says that this hasn't been done ages ago and if only legend). Every thing turns all right, Due to the closeness of Trips to T'Pol and being human allowed him fast recovery.

Now, the mission can go forth.


Now at the of all of this. The timeline is rest. T'Poel and Chazz are sent back to thier time. And we see T'Pol and Trips wedding as the final for the movie where those two toast. The toast is the opeing of These are the Voyages........

Well anyone like this idea or have improviments to it? Please reply



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Daniels represents the Temporal Cold War, which is best left behind and forgotten.

You can only use the time travel plot device in so many movies before it becomes stale.

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If you haven't already, I recommend reading the Enterprise novel "The Good That Men Do", which resurrects Trip without the need for time travel. 

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