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Captain's Log 21/12/12:


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Radio silence! So guess we're wrong about that!



Here's some extracts of a book review of THE HIGGS FAKE:

THE TRUTH HURTS:    4 Dec 2013.    By William Newtspeare

A review: The Higgs Fake - How Particle Physicists Fooled the Nobel Committee

 ..... and the whole theory is dependent upon the assumption that the sole cause of cosmic red-shift is the expansion of space, and neither of these things can be tested experimentally.

Some aspects of physics can be properly tested........ But even here there are gaps in our knowledge; nobody can properly explain why some materials are superconductive at 140K, nor is it really understood why the magnetic poles of the earth and sun periodically flip. So we are in the wholly absurd situation where explanations of mundane testable phenomena are acknowledged to be deficient, but where wholly untestable theories about the first few seconds after the big bang are believed to be properly understood.

The history of physics shows that progress almost always flows from experiment and observation; but that when mankind resorts thinking he normally comes up with nonsense. Aristotle realised the earth must be spherical, from the shape of its shadow during a lunar eclipse; but most of his other physical theories were complete rubbish. Galileo's successes came from careful experimentation, and Kepler's laws from painstaking analysis of astronomical data; but almost as soon as either started to speculate any deeper, they came up with nonsense (Kepler speculated that the sun was pushing the planets around in their orbits, whilst Galileo was convinced that the tide-raising force was a result of the earth's rotation). Newton was the exception, because he had the genius to invent the maths to test his ideas.

Just about all the progress since Newton, has flowed directly from the unexpected results of experiments. Oersted was baffled to find that a compass needle pointed across a current-carrying wire; whilst Faraday was surprised to find that a current-carrying wire would only induce a current in a neighbouring wire, when it was turned on and off. Maxwell did mathematically predict the existence of radio waves; but it was the unexpected null result of the MMX that led directly to the Lorentz transformations (later rebranded as special relativity). J. J. Thomson said of his discovery of the electron "Could anything at first sight seem more impractical than a body which is so small that its mass is an insignificant fraction of the mass of an atom of hydrogen?", whilst Rutherford described his discovery of atomic nuclei "It was almost as incredible as if you fired a 15-inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you".

The presence of protons was easily inferred from the discovery of electrons; but nobody even imagined atomic nuclei could contain neutral particles, until the measurement of atomic masses proved the existence of neutrons. Bohr was so reluctant to accept the experimental evidence for the existence of neutrinos, that he was prepared forego the conservation of mass/energy. Dirac did postulate the existence of positrons prior to their detection, but the discovery of the muon was famously greeted by "who ordered that?".

................. it seems that mankind has completely lost his marbles; and physicists have decided to award themselves the attribute of omniscience, such that they no longer need to rely on experiments for inspiration, but rather are able to decide amongst themselves on the nature of the universe, and then get the experimentalists to tell them they are correct. So, without a shred of valid evidence, they have invented a whole host of imaginary beings, such as: wimps, machos, quarks, gluons, Hawking radiation, and the Higgs field.

You might ask what the problem is with using imaginary beings to fill the gaps in our understanding, after all few tears were shed when phlogiston gave way to molecular theory; whilst Franklin's electric fluid evolved into two fluids, and ultimately into protons and electrons without too much gnashing of teeth. However Aristotle's crystal spheres and epicycles did become so ingrained into the academic curriculum that Renaissance physics professors felt duty-bound to condemn advocates of the Copernican system as deranged heretics; and regrettably a similar situation exists today, where merely questioning the most absurd physics nonsense leads to people being branded crackpots.

...............If you pay a group of people billions of dollars specifically to find a particular particle, it really cannot be considered to be a great revelation when they claim to have found it. If we were to ask of the Higgs Boson "who ordered that?", the resounding answer would be "the whole scientific community"; not merely to justify their belief in the standard model, but also because it would have been acutely embarrassing to have spent so much money and found nothing. Indeed only a bunch of complete fools would acknowledge failure, especially since no outsider can successfully challenge their verdict, and since after the dust settles they can always change their decision if they so choose.

But the very concept of the Higgs field is of no scientific value; because it is supposed to give particles mass, but is entirely useless in predicting the mass of particles; in fact it is nothing more than a fool's aether. The aether of Maxwell and Lorentz was an acceptable hypothesis, because it not only carried light waves, but also transferred electrical, magnetic and gravitational forces, and it was even speculated that the substance of atoms was merely a modification of the aether (which we now know to be true from squish theory). However modern physicists believe in the literal truth of special relativity, with its doctrine of `the constancy of the speed of light relative to the observer', which means they have to believe that space is empty. But at the same time they must also believe that empty space expands and is curved and contains the measurable force fields, as well as the pie-in-the-sky Higgs field the only evidence for whose existence is an alleged evanescent blip in a multi-billion pound experiment.

I recommend Unzicker's books because he seems to have an almost unique ability to sort the wheat from the chaff, and to distinguish between the fact and the phantasy in modern physics; whilst other writers who purport to be critical of modern physics, all too often have swallowed the bulk of the nonsense hook line and sinker, and are merely whinging about the fact that they themselves get less grant money than string theorists. Regrettably however I doubt that this book will be a bestseller, because humans tend to shun the truth and prefer the phantasy; books claiming that ghosts and yetis exist, or that time travel is possible, are far more popular than those that debunk such things.

...............Unzicker certainly has the weight of argument on his side, but that counts for little as humans are not really rational creatures capable of reaching their own conclusions, rather they have evolved brains that virtually force them to believe what they are taught to believe and what those around them believe. Physics certainly needs a new scientific revolution to flush away the nonsense of the last half century, but I cannot see this coming from within the scientific community, as the phantasists and narrow-minded religious extremists have effectively murdered physics, and the award of the Nobel Prize to the Higgs fiasco is the final nail in the coffin. But then again humans are fickle animals, and if Rupert Murdoch was to get a bee in his bonnet about the fact that billions of pounds have been squandered on convincing the world to believe in the most ridiculously pointless rubbish, who knows what might ensue.



Spockism: "Your Earth scientists are confused. Logically, matter plus anti-matter would equal zero - it would not produce a finite amount of energy in the form of photons."


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Your Earth physicists should listen to these heretics and review the foundations of your Earth theories.

The majority of your scientists are building new theories upon old theories, and making self-fulfilling experimental observations.

For instance, if you collide wave-particles at high energy, you will create new, higher energy wave-particles.

These new wave-particles will have a variety of characteristics which are explained by ever more elaborate theories and models. 

But you may be unable to prove these grand theories experimentally.


Spockism:    "There are many things we may never be able to prove."


After much deliberation, the Vulcan Science Academy has concluded that our universe extends from the infinitely small to the infinitely large, just like the energy spectrum described in the formula: E x D = Constant (EDisConstant).

As explained in an earlier post, we can experience only a very small part of this spectrum, and there may be countless other life forms existing in different parts of the spectrum with which we cannot interact.  We may never be able to prove this.

Additionally, we can imagine the existence of an infinite number of co-existing "universes", each with its own fundamental energy propagation value (EPV) - the speed of light.

This different energy propagation value will result in a different energy density for a given size of wave-particle, and a completely different size and scale for each "universe".

Hence, there will be no comprehensible interaction between these different "universes" - at most, only ghosts and apparitions, perhaps.

Again, we may never be able to prove this.


Therefore, these theories or facts are of little benefit to Vulcans or Humans.

It is far more important to attempt to ensure the survival of your species.

Hence, it is imperative that you put your efforts into analysing and understanding your DNA.

And you need to find and colonise alternative host planets.




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This all makes sense Mr Spock, even the "ghosts and apparitions".



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Agreed Mr Spock.  

Can you suggest what we should do to broadcast your viewpoint? 

How do we spread the message?  Facebook?



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Mr Spock:

I can see your EDisConstant paper is already on your Facebook site, but you could put some of these posts on also?  Some posts were also on in October.


Spockism 1: "In this universe, there is no Mass, Weight, Charge or Gravity: There is only Energy." Spockism 2: "All motion is ORBITAL and GYROSCOPIC." Spockism 3: For Photons: "Energy x Wavelength is constant." For Wave-Particles: "Energy x Diameter is constant."


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The Vulcan Science Academy has granted permission for publication of their treatise on the Vulcan universe, as requested by your people. LL&P.

The Vulcan universe:

Section 1: Energy x Diameter = Constant.

Section 2: Wave-particle characteristics.

Section 3: Potential Energy wave-fronts (photons).

Section 4: There is only Energy (not "mass" or "weight").

Section 5: All motion is Orbital.

Section 6: Orbital energies.

Section 7: Object on a planet.

Section 8: Object in an elevator.

Section 9: Conservation of Energy.

Section 10: Potential Energy wells and gradients.

Section 11: There is no "charge".

Section 12:  Applying a Potential Energy gradient.

Section 13: Atomic Structure.

Section 14: Excitation.

Section 15: Molecular Structure.

Section 16: Black Holes and Supernovae.

Annex A: Derivation of "ED is Constant".

Annex B: Energy density formula.



(Copyright © 2012-2014 EDisConstant)


SECTION 1:   Energy x Diameter = Constant

1.1. In the Vulcan universe, fundamental particles exist in the form of oscillating energy fields.

1.2. These discrete energy fields form "wave-particles" which exist at all energy levels, but the most stable and numerous are neutrinos (~1eV), electrons (~511 keV) and protons (~938 MeV).

1.3. Counter-intuitively, higher energy wave-particles are smaller than lower-energy wave-particles such that:

Energy x Diameter = Constant

Hence, electrons are larger than protons by a factor of about 1836, and neutrinos are about 500,000 times larger than electrons.

1.4. If a wave-particle is given extra energy, it will become smaller (and its inherent frequency will become higher). Conversely, if a wave-particle loses some energy, it will become larger (and its inherent frequency will become lower).

1.5.  The size and frequency spectrum extends to infinity in both directions. There is no limit.


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SECTION 2: Wave-particle characteristics:

2.1. The most common wave-particles are stable. However, there are many unstable wave-particle of various energies. If an unstable wave-particle is given extra energy, its size will change and its characteristics will change and, in particular, its half-life will change. But the passage of time will remain constant. In the Vulcan universe, time does not slow down.

2.2. A disintegrating wave-particle may transform into none or more other wave-particles with the balance of its energy being emitted in the form of one or more wave disturbances of the surrounding Potential Energy Field.


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SECTION 3:   Potential Energy wave-fronts (photons):


3.1. Each disturbance of the surrounding Potential Energy Field creates a Potential Energy wave-front (which Earth scientists would call a photon) which spreads out, spherically, at the speed of light.

3.2. The gradient (and therefore the inherent frequency) of the Potential Energy wave-front is directly proportional to its original energy, in accordance with Planck's constant.

3.3. As the PE wave-front spreads out in space, the amplitude (intensity) of the wave-front will diminish in accordance with the inverse-square rule for spherical wave-fronts.

3.4. If the photon source is approaching, or receding from, an observer, the wave-front will be blue- or red-shifted in accordance with the Doppler effect.

3.5. A photon can transfer energy to an object in its path. For optimum energy transfer, the object will have a diameter which is similar to the photon wavelength.

3.6. In the visible and infra-red spectrum, the photon wavelength is similar to the diameter of the neutrino (~10^-6 metres). Hence photons can energise neutrinos - which can then escape from atoms and neutrons - which enables the release of electrons - which Earth scientists would call the photo-electric effect.




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SECTION 4: There is only Energy (not "mass" or "weight"):

4.1. The terms "mass" and "weight" are without meaning in this universe. "Energy" is the all-important parameter. All equations are energy equations.

4.2. When an object is acted upon by a force, its total energy changes. The force will take energy out, or put energy in, depending on its direction. The force will transfer that energy from, or to, the body providing the force.

4.3. The application of the force will change the energy level of every wave-particle in the object. Every wave-particle in the object will become larger or smaller as a result.

4.4. For any interaction between two or more bodies, total energy is conserved between the bodies involved.


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SECTION 5:   All motion is Orbital:

5.1. Unless acted upon by a force, an object will continue in a constant orbital motion.

5.2. For example, a planet and a moon will continue to orbit each other, unless or until they come under the influence of a different potential gradient or a new external force.

5.3. Similarly, within an atom, wave-particles (protons) will orbit around each other in the atomic nucleus, and the much "lighter" lower-energy electrons will orbit around the "heavier" atomic nucleus.

5.4. All components will orbit around their Barycentres - the points of balance between the energy concentrations.


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SECTION 6: Orbital energies:

6.1. Unless acted upon by a force, the total energy of an orbiting body will remain constant. Its total energy will be a combination of its energy of movement (Kinetic Energy), and its energy of position (Potential Energy).

6.2. Throughout the orbital motion, there is no net energy loss or gain, only energy transformation. Any reduction in Potential Energy is matched by an increase in Kinetic Energy, and vice versa.

6.3. A space-traveller in orbital motion will feel no force or acceleration. The space-traveller will feel "weightless".


6.4. Note: All orbiting objects create disturbances in the local Potential Energy Field which cause low-level energy waves to radiate out spherically. These Potential Energy Waves (or gravity-waves as you call them) will, very gradually, transfer energy away from the objects and distribute it into the Potential Energy field of Space. Hence, all orbits gradually decay and, ultimately, all objects in the universe would achieve the same average temperature.




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SECTION 7: Object on a planet:

7.1. On a planet, an object is prevented from moving in its free orbital motion by the planet's surface.

7.2. When an object falls from a tree or building, it resumes its orbital motion. Potential Energy is transformed into Kinetic Energy.

7.3. Upon impact with the planet's surface, the object gives up its Kinetic Energy, which is transferred to the planet.

7.4. During the formation of a new planet, many objects coalesce and collide, and their Kinetic Energy is transformed into heat, making the new planet hotter.

7.5. For every collision, the principle of "Conservation of Energy" will apply.


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SECTION 8: Object in an elevator:

8.1. In a free-falling elevator, an object will be "weightless" until it experiences a force to change its velocity. If the elevator slows, then the floor will exert an upward force on the object to reduce the rate at which it loses Potential Energy and gains Kinetic Energy.

8.2. As the elevator slows further and stops, this upward force will increase to the balance level which Earth scientists would call "gravity".

8.3. Both the object and the floor of the elevator will experience this force, which will be equal and opposite.

8.4. The force is proportional to the product of their Energies (Earth and object) and is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centres of Energy.

(E1.E2 / r^2)

8.5. The work done in stopping the object will be equal to the Kinetic Energy lost by the object. This energy will be transferred to the planet.

8.6. If the elevator now moves upwards, away from the planet, then work will be done to give Potential Energy to the object.



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SECTION 9: Conservation of Translational (Linear) Energy and Rotational (Spin) Energy:

9.1. For two or more colliding objects, translational energy will be transferred between them dependent upon the nature of the collisions. The combined translational energy before the collision will be the same as the combined translational energy after the collision. Translational Energy is Conserved.

9.2. For two or more colliding objects, rotational energy will be transferred between them dependent upon the nature of the collision. The combined rotational energy before the collision will be the same as the combined rotational energy after the collision. Rotational Energy is Conserved.

9.3. For example, if an object collides with a planet, the object will transfer some, or all, of its energy to that planet. Every particle in the object will experience a change in energy and therefore a change in size. Similarly, every particle in the planet will experience a slight change in energy and therefore a slight change in size.

9.4. Depending on the nature of collisions, some energy will appear to be transformed from Translational Energy into Rotational Energy, or vice versa, in one or more component parts - objects may appear to spin, sometimes more and sometimes less. But, in fact, for any collision in a closed system, the total Translational Energy and the total Rotational Energy will remain constant.



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SECTION 10: Potential Energy Wells & Gradients:

10.1. The Vulcan universe is not "flat". It is undulating with Potential Energy Wells and Gradients caused by concentrations of Energy (or "lumps of matter" as Earth scientists would call them).

10.2. In the Vulcan universe, an object will move towards a position of lower Potential Energy. Normally, this will result in a higher Kinetic Energy and the total energy will remain constant.

10.3. Adjacent objects will tend to move along Potential Energy Gradients towards each other. The objects may collide with each other or orbit each other on circular or elliptical paths, or pass each other on parabolic or hyperbolic paths.

10.4. The initial Translational and Rotational Energies will determine the orbital parameters for the two objects.

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