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Star Trek series from best worst


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1. Deep Space Nine

2. The Next Generation

3. Voyager

4. The Original Series

5. The Animated Series

6. Enterprise



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1) Deep Space Nine

2) The Next Generation

3) TOS/TAS (Although I will say TOS appeals to a much different part of my brain than the other series)

4) Voyager

5) Enterprise

If Enterprise had continued for a few more seasons, I think I'd rank it higher than Voyager. Its last season was better than any Voyager season.


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Quote: UninvitedGuest @ Feb. 09 2013, 5:50 pm

Quote: jeanluckirk737 @ Feb. 09 2013, 11:24 am

The 1960's look of everything just makes me not like it as much as the other Star Trek shows, but at least the special-effects were redone with CGI not too long ago.

The earlier TNG episodes look very modern in comparison even though it's 25 years old.

I don't know about that. TNG is starting to look really 1980s to me. What looks modern in 2013 is not necessarily what will look modern 200 or 300 years from now. You have to keep in mind that things like fashion, interior design, architecture, and even hairstyles do not advance in a linear trajectory. They go around in cycles and something that looks dated now might look very modern a few years from now. We really have NO IDEA what the 2260s or 2360s will look like.


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3.ENT (It's a big drop down here, but when it was at it's best, which wasn't often, it was as good as the best of TOS and TNG)


5.Ds9 (Don't kill me. I think it's a better written/acted show than ENT or VOY, but it's just not my thing. The early seasons being confined to the station and the later ones focusing on the war kind of takes away the reasons I like Star Trek. I might give i another try sometime and change my mind)


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Ok, you guys will probably HATE me for this, but here it goes:

1. Enterprise ( I love how they took a more modern idea and placed it into Star trek. Plus, it gives us an inside on how TOS kind of came to be)

2. Voyager (ok, you have to admit, none of these characters had the same personality. Thats what you get with Starfleet and Maquis members.The character development, for the most part, was positive and well done.  Also, how they sometimes have to adapt to different circumstances, even whe Starfleet isnt there to discourage/ encourage them from doing something. It was a different take.)

3. TOS-tie ( I like how this series is such a classic and it is the first one to really give us a peek into the future of the Federation. plus, that original trio and the origianl Enterprise cannot be overlooked. Sometimes, the episodes could be a little cheesy or a little dry)

4. TNG-tie (This one really got me into Star Trek for the first time. I loved the missions that the crew went on, but there wasnt as much crew interaction. All of the characters were a little stale and had the same personality. It got a little better as the seasons progressed, but not as well as some of the others. They had some really good mission episodes though)

5. DS9- (ok, i havent seen the whole series, but what i like about it is that out of all the series, it is WAY Different. The thing i dont like, it can be DRY. Ive heard it gets better later, so maybe ill have to revise my posting later. But i do like how a lot of the characters are alien and it gets a lot of attention because of that.)

That being said, I have not seen the animated series, nor do I plan to. I am quite happy with the ones I have seen. Star trek, though, is definately my favorite TV show, no matter what series.


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Quote: starfan97 @ Apr. 11 2013, 4:11 pm


>4. TNG-tie (This one really got me into Star Trek for the first time. I loved the missions that the crew went on, but there wasnt as much crew interaction. All of the characters were a little stale and had the same personality. It got a little better as the seasons progressed, but not as well as some of the others. They had some really good mission episodes though)


I honestly have the opposite opinion on TNG. While there were some great stories, I think the one flaw it had was that there were too many filler "Discovering a new partical that turns out to be sentient" and "We need to fix the computer before the ship drifts into a star" technobabble episodes. The strength of the show was always the characters. I didn't think they were the same at all. TNG did a great job with all of the characters having different opinions of how to proceed when they were in a crisis situation, leaving Picard to make a decision.


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I defiantely agree with a lot of the technobabble. Sometimes, I would not listen to half the episode because it was all about the technobabble. Episodes like "the best of Both worlds" and the Dixon Hill adventures were good because there was characer interaction and a good adventure in it too. The fourth season had some good family oriented episodes. 


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@4_Cardassia It's the most humane of all Trek with the most fully fledged characters who feel real. You can also emphasise with the characters better than any of the other shows.

I also adore  the plot lines which discuss moral and political issues.


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1.Original Series

2.The Next Generation

3. Deep Space Nine

4. Voyager

5. Enterprise

6. The Animated Series (Which i never watched).

The only reason Voyager is Before Enterprise is because its the series i followed the most when it aired. Voyager had good actors but the story lines were not as interesing as the others. 


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1. TOS

2. ENT

3. VOY

4. TNG

5. DS9

Live Long and Prosper


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1. TOS

2. DS9/TNG  tied evenly

3. ENT

4. TAS 

5. VOY


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These three I loved.


1.  Star Trek

2.   Star Trek:  Deep Space 9

3.  Star Trek:  The Next Generation


This one was ok:


4.  Star Trek:  Voyager


I really didn't watch enough ENT to judge how good or bad it was.



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1. The Next Generation

The draw to Star Trek, for me, has always been about character and story. TNG simply features my favorite Trek characters, defined by the great actors that portrayed them, Picard and Data have always been my two favorites (gotta love Q as well); and stories like "Yesterday's Enterprise," "Tapestry," and First Contact are really unparalleled in the Trek universe.

2. Star Trek

A great, iconic cast and set of characters (only Chekov never did anything for me). Episodes like "City on the Edge of Forever" and "Mirror Mirror" hold up better today than most of the feature films.

3. Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine also had some great characters (the best were TNG carry-overs) but the series was much more soap opera-like than what came before it and far less interesting than it seems to get credit for (the Prophet angle always bored me to tears; if I want a religious experience, I'll go to church rather than watch a TV show). A lot of great stuff - but not as consistent as its Trek predecessors.

4. Voyager

Voyager had the great Doctor character, Tuvak had some nice moments and there are some stand-out episodes but it tended to jump the shark more often than not and most of the cast never interested me.

5. Enterprise

I have to hand it to the producers when it comes to Enterprise, Berman thought another show was overkill but they decided to do something unique and go *backwards* rather than continue on in the TNG/DS9/Voyager era. Unfortunately, the characters were hard to care about and the stories felt pretty uninspired and, at best, stale.

So, five-card stud, nothing wild. And the sky's the limit....


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I haven't been on these forums in about 5 years! So forgive my absence! 

1. DS9

2. TNG

3. TOS

4. VOY

5. TAS

6. ENT

But they're all great to me!

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This is an interesting question. I want to give one ordering, but based on the number of episodes I've seen from each series, I'd have to come up with this one.

1. TNG-if TOS was light and campy, TNG went darker visually and in terms of story telling with a more serious tone

2. VOY-started the trend of moving Trek back to TOS, could be light and campy like TOS, or dark/serious like TNG

3. ENT-tried to recapture the Kirk/Spock/McCoy chemistry with Archer/Trip/T'Pol, but with serious/dark storytelling.

4. DS9-went even darker than TNG, more character/species conflict, more political storytelling, longer story arcs.

5. TOS-best of the old space adventure TV series, innovative in using social commentary morality tales set in space.

I guess you can say I'm mainly a fan of the later Trek series that mainly focussed on space exploration. I didn't like the production values of TOS, and DS9 was too political for my taste.

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