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Your 5 Favorite Star Trek Books


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We write a lot on these boards about what's good, what's bad, what authors we like, and where to start if someone is looking for Trek books, but what five are your favorites? Please limit yourself to five single books, not five series, or ten books because five isn't enough, or some other deviation. Thanks.

Here's mine:

1. How Much for Just the Planet? - John M. Ford (TOS)

2. The Great Starship Race - Diane Carey (TOS)

3. A Stitch in Time - Andrew J. Robinson (DS9)

4. Unity - S.D. Perry (DS9)

5. Doctor's Orders - Diane Duane (TOS)

Thot Pren

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1. Stitch in Time (DS9)

2. Unity (DS9)

3. Eugenics Wars (TOS)

4. Fearful Symmetry (DS9)

5. Kobiyashi Maru (ENT)

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Jim Kirk

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I am having a lot of trouble narrowing down to a few favorites, but:


Destiny (series)

New Frontier (series)


Dreadnought & Battlestations

The Good That Men Do through the romulan war series

Not in any particular order.



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I've only been into Trek novels for about 3 years years. While I own about 20 (I got excited), I've only read 7, so far. All TOS and ENT. So take my top 5 with that grain of salt.

1. Prime Directive

2. Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows

3. Academy: Collision Course

4. The Good That Men Do

5. A Choice of Catastrophes


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Spock's World

Strangers From the Sky

Vulcan's Glory

Yesterday's Son

Time For Yesterday



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Thank you for the info. I am just now starting to watch (tng) on BBCA. All these years and I never got into it. We have u-verse but I will be moving soon so will be reading novel's. Thanx.


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Star Trek:The Dominion War-book 1, 2, 3, 4

Star Trek:Tales of the Dominion War



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5) Star Trek: new Frontier:  Bline Man's Bluff

4) Star Trek: New Frontier: Being Human/God's Above Dulogy

3) ST: TNG: A Rock and A Hard Place

2) ST: TNG: Q-In-Law

1) ST: TNG: Q-Squared


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i read stories mostly from the original series era: some of these are oldies, may not be the best, but are my favourites: 

ST TOS : Troublesome Minds    - Dave Galanter

ST TOS: Uhura's Song               -janet Kagan

ST TOS : bloodthirst                  - JM Dillard

ST TOS : Dreams of The Raven  -Carmen Carter

ST TOS : first frontier                -Diane Carey & James I. Kirkland


captain saavik

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Spock must die (TOS)

THe Q continum (TNG)

Vulcan's heart (TOS)

Shadows on the sun (TOS)

Mosaic (VOY)

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