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DS9 Relaunch Series

Thot Pren

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I don't know how many readers and DS9 fans are here, but I absoluety loved the DS9 relaunch books and was so happy they were all so well written. I like the fact that even though DS9 wrapped up well, they still hadn't finished Bajor's inclusion into the Federaton and the books addressed that as well as the Parasite threat, and the grand finale featuring the mirror universe DS9 ending. Any thoughts?

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I agree.  I liked the parasite plot.  I loved that moment when Bajor was officially entered into the Federation and Sisko and Kira look at each other and know that they did it.  All that hard work paid off.  It was a moment I really think should have been included in the show.

Although I'm not all that keen on the mirror universe stuff.  One reason I like Star Trek is that it has good people doing good things... in a sci-fi setting.  The mirror universe worked only once or twice for me.  It was a chance to see another side to our favorite characters.  But they just kept doing it... it just became bad people doing bad things, and I'm just not interested in that.


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I have a question about the DS9 relaunch series.

I'm far behind in reading DS9 pockets. This is because it wasn't easy for me to get hold of English Star Trek pockets. That has changed since I've got a E-reader.

I started reading Star Trek Titan novels, including Star Trek Destiny. At a certain point I should begin with the Star Trek Typhon pack series.


What DS9 relaunch books should I definitely read before I can start with Star Trek Typhon Pact? (So I can still understand the story lines)




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To answer your question ElimGarak00, check out these links:


Spoiler alert below!

I thought the relaunch series was great, but I think the author's decision to destroy the station in the Typhon Pact series was stupid. Part of the attraction of ST: DS9 was that it was alien. You didn't constantly see the familiar clean LCARS environment and more than half the people were alien. I dunno... it felt like a Star Trek Mos Eisley...

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