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Patterns of Force


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Was bringing the Nazi's in Star Trek a bad idea? I thought they did well with establisishing Ekos as Nazi Germany and Zeon as the Jews. This episode worked for me and I think it's a good one, not one of the best but certainly not a bad one. What are some other opinions?

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I didn't really care it was Nazi. It could have been Aztecs or whatever *shrug*


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It was brilliant of Star Trek to make them Nazi's.  There could have been no other group that made the point so well exaclty why humanity makes the exact same mistakes over and over again.   

Spock points out at the beginning, what Hitler did was nothing short of astonishing;  Germany, on the brink of total collapse, was brought back to not only prosperous, but on the verge of global domination in a short period of time.

This notion was the allure that Gil had hoped to utalize, minus the brutallity. He did not calculate in that power like this will only attract those who can, and will exploit it.

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