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Super Bowl Ad


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The Super Bowl ad for Star Trek Into Darkness is here.

What are your thoughts?

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Well, it looks like Enterprise NCC-1701  will meet its do0m already. We see it falling into the atmosphere of what looks to be Earth, all on fire and full of holes. I think that sucks. How old it? 5 years? I wonder if the movie opens sometime after their 5 year mission, missions that we didn't get to see since all they wanna do is pop out a $250M movie every 4 years or so. And will they just slap an A on another ship in the same class and call it Enterprise? I hope not. The Enterprise is like a character herself, getting the crew out of trouble. That's Scotty's only love. And Kirk's as well. Doesn't anybody remember from TOS Season 1 "The Naked Time", when Kirk got infected by that virus or whatever that basically made everyone say what was deep inside them? He glanced all the bulkhead and said, "Never lose you....Never!"


I'm also wondering why everyone thinks the villain is Gary Mitchell? He was in the 2nd pilot,1 episode and not even a very memorable one. and that's it. How does this make him an interesting character? It's just basically Q, if you want to go that route. At least they could call him Q.



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I already saw it!!!

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1. It was WAY to short, even with the expanded version on the App on my phone. 

2. I do beleive it takes place shortly after the crew go out on their first five year mission. I only say this because the unknown bad guy talks like Kirk is still very new at this. 

3. Yeah, it looks like the Enterprise is going down! That's so sad! But It might not be beyond repaire. Of course the makers did say they wanted us to be crying in the end so...


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