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Which episode?


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Can anyone tell me what episode of the Next Generation had an alien with a triple layered voice? It was like a male voice, coming from a female alien.. It was the scariest episode I ever saw.. Now I think I must have dreamt it.. I thought it was Devil's Due, but it is isn't? Well I don't think it is..

Thanks if anyone can help! 


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hmm, the bynars?


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The only TNG episodes, that I know of, where male voices were dubbed over female actors were 10010011 (the Bynars)--not very scary; and The Outcast, where the race were andrygnous but one member identified as female--she was taken away to be "cured" of her gender-illness.  The episode itself was not very scary, but it's allusion to the fad, at the time, of "curing" homosexuality can be quite distressing when placed into a real-world socio-political context.

Hope that helps,


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