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What is an appropriate age for kids to start watching TNG?


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Hi All,

   I am new to this forum. I have two sons, ages 4 and 5. They are very interested in science and space. Their favorite show is Mythbusters! I remember watching TNG when I was in college and I loved it. This was before DVRs and Netflix and I remember watching it on my little tiny TV in my dorm room at 11 pm when it came on in reruns (when I should ahve been asleep or studying.) I have fond memories of the show and I can recal some of the plot lines and I remember all of the characters names and what they look like, but I don't remember much more.


Can anyone tell me? How approriate is the language used? I don't mind a "damn" here and there but I don't like the langiuage to go much beyond that.


What about the violence? I remember their being violence but that it was sanitized. What I mean by this is that you don't see blood and guts, but you do know that someone was injured or killed.


Can anyone recommend a few "kid-friendly" episodes that I could watch with my sons and see how they like it?





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Qpid is really funny.... it has some kissing in the beginning, but other than that, It is  wonderful. Anything withe romulans in it (Yes, I am biased.)  And I love I,Borg.... It is not scary like other borg ones.... I have watched it soooo many times. The only thing I can say is that although it is so cute and sweet, you really have to know the characters to get the full impact, but even if you don't it is great. Also, I suggest trying a TOS episode: The Trouble With Tribbles! (I have watched this so many times I could probably quote some of it...) :-) Hope this helps! Also, I have yet to see a really bad episode.... most of them are great. I am sure it will be fine!

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You have nothing to worry about in terms of profanity. As far as violence goes, it's pretty limited for the most part (though there are a few exceptions, most notably "Conspiracy").

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I started my daughter at around three years old. She called it "Ga Gek". So cute. That's pretty much all she wanted to watch when she was with me. She is a Voyager fan. She is 9 now and still loves Ga Gek.

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For the most part, it's fine. Like Mitchz95 noted, there are a few exceptions, but overall the series is pretty much child-friendly.

If you're not sure, the best thing you can do is watch an episode, and if you find it acceptable, allow your kids to watch it. If you find it unacceptable, mark it down on a "do not watch" list.


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My sister is 4 and her friend is 5 and they love star trek. This seams to be an appropriate age to start watching. It is not very violent or inappropriate. 

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There was some profanity, but it was in other (non-Human) languages.


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I was raised on Star Trek: TNG. It was favorite show growing up. So any age.



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My parents had me watching Star Trek: The Original Series at about 3. I turned out just fine, and I think TOS was more risque than Next Generation in terms of suggestive situations, violence, and profanity.

For the most part, even when there IS violence which is rare, the message is always one of peace (some could argue too much so), so I think it's a great show for anyone to watch.  


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I've been Watching TNG since i was Five. There might be some moments that are uncomfortable for you and the kids, But it's not too graphic. The Show's pretty tamed by Todays TV Standards, I Would rather have my kids watch Star Trek than The Kardashians, or Anything that's on that god awful "TLC" Channel.


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with Enterprise afd DS9 because there is some violence in those series I would wait but I do think TNG is fine for all ages as it is very similar to TOS in many ways just with better visual effects


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TOS and TNG have some mild sexuality to them, but I think both shows are fine for kids to watch. I certainly watched them when I was a young.

Actually, my opinion is that the ways TOS and TNG portray sex or violence are good because they open up a way to talk about such things which otherwise wouldn't be there. It gives you a chance to teach lessons on ethics just by making simple commentaries about a TV show, and that's about as natural as such opportunities are going to get.

The latest series, Ent, had a little bit of the sort of sexuality that I would say requires more guidance for young audiences. However, it's sexuality at times is of the sort that's probably too sophisticated to exaplain to children of 4-5 years of age, anyway.



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An apropriate age to introduce children to Star Trek?  BIRTH!!!

However, I personally would limit their exposure to TOS and TAS at first, gradually adding (most of) TNG and VOY until the preteen years.  ENT was more sexualized (not overtly, but enough to warrant caution) and DS9 was raw in it's depiction of the universe.  Violence, war, racism, discrimination... definitely a more grown-up Trek, comparatively.

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My kids 9 and 4 favorite are the ones with the kids - Rascles and Disaster. They love Piccard and how he saves the kids in the elevator.

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You can never start too early - not with The Next Generation!
Dare I say it: Whilst still in the womb - that really is the BEST time to
begin their STAR TREK journey. Sit a pair of speakers on your growing
"baby bump" and let the germ of Gene Roddenberry's BOLD vision for
The Future of Humanity take firm ROOT in their embryonic minds ...

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