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Has a Star Trek episode ever made you cry?

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Picard looking at his flute at the end of 'The Inner Light'

Lal's death

Kira and Jake staring out the window at the end of WYLB

"You have never seen death? Then look, and always remember."

Rom's and Leeta's wedding... pretty much all of 'Call to Arms'

Future Jake's death in 'The Visitor'


Much more I can't think of right now.


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To qoute frambiscuits1, "If I had to name one episode it would be the final episode of Star Trek Enterprise. I cried because it was the last episode and Trip died and it sucked." I hate how Enterprise didn't get the chance to shine longer. I loved that show, and Trip is by far my favorite character.

I believe I had a little dust in my eye after watching "Offspring", and Spock's funeral at the end of WOK.



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I have never cried over any episode but the closest is the end of skin of evil and when Data died in Nemesis. 


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The only time I've ever cried in a movie/TV show is during the montage near the end of Spielberg's AI.

As for Star Trek, the biggest tear-jerker moments are Wrath of Khan (not just Spock's death, but the whole end segment with Kirk and David and Kirk saying he feels young at the end) and "The Inner Light".

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