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Has a Star Trek episode ever made you cry?

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Created by: jeanluckirk737


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The bit where McCoy must relive his decision to pull the plug on his father.

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I wouldn't ever classify myself as an outwardly emotional person, however there were several instances where i got teary-eyed watching Star Trek.

1. Final scene of "All Good Things"

2. The big reveal scene near the end of "The Inner Light" (Sir Patrick Stewart at his best)

3. Lal's death in "Offspring"

4. Picard's confession to his brother in "Family", having 2 hot-headed older brothers myself I could relate to Picard.

5. O'brien at the end of "Hard Time"

6. Tony Todd's performance in "The Visitor", epic story of a son's love of his father, not being able to move on.

6. The beautifully heartwrenching ending to "What We Leave Behind", watching DS9 slowly fade into the starscape at the end, EPIC! 

7. "Real Life" the Doctor's holo-program daughter dies, it was a wonderful character moment for the Doctor I forgot he was a hologram.



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I alwys cry at the end of TWOK, but I didn't vote because It's a movie not an episode.

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Family--when Picard finally breaks down. Covered in mud, working out his frustration, he cries to the only family he has left, his brother. He couldn't go to Riker or Troi; they are under his command. There's nowhere for him to go with this problem. The deaths of comrades that he caused. Ripping everything he was away from him. That mix of pain and lonliness in Stewart's performance. 

Emissary--"I exist here." The pain of losing Jennifer and never getting past it, then having that breakthrough moment where he realizes he has to move on. 

Hard Time--"He was my best friend and I murdered him." O'Brien discovers he doesn't live up to Starfleet's ideals. And he hates himself evough to contemplate taking his own life. 

The list is too extensive. I am weak and cry when I am moved. I get emotionally wrapped up in the stories on-screen. Just a couple off the top of my head. 


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Tasha Yar's funeral made me cry, Tears Of The Prophets made me cry, The City On the Edge Of Forever made me cry, Far Beyond The Stars made me cry, and What You Leave Behind made me cry. What You Leave Behind had reall sad goodbyes and they killed off Mila and Damar.


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I'm surprised to see Men, apparently, even admitting to crying at some of
these episodes! Wow! That .. that's something ...

I've never cried because of STAR TREK stories, but I HAVE been very moved, by some of the obvious ones. And yet, ones where I SHOULD have been moved by, like Troi's child & that whole thing, just left me flat. It wasn't Marina's fault ... I think that sometimes these shows try too hard to move you, so they end up coming off more as emotionally "manipulative." Data's daughter - same thing. I didn't really feel anything on it, until the Admiral came out and was visibly shaken. His peformance "sold" that aspect to me, but otherwise it tried too hard.

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Robert Walker, Jr.'s performance as Charlie always gets to me.  Especially upsetting is the ending when he crys out "I want to stay..." and his voice trails off as he disappears.  


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DS9 "what you leave behind" 


I'm going to say when i hit the last season and saw the last episode i was sad , and when the camera faded to the external view of the station, that was it for me i felt like i lost something that was keeping me sane from the insanity which we call Earth and the best of all life.

The show was important to me or is important to me. I know that i have the dvds and netflix and what not.But it was cool to watch the episodes for the first time.Also am a fan of other trek and feel the same about the other trek series that i feel for DS9.


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I thought Twilight from enterprise was a bit emotional because you do not remember the last 12 years of your life.


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As far as tears go then no. It did get emotional though when data was killed off.  Still never saw a good reason for doing it.  Always thought it would have made more sense if Picard was the one that died.  

I have to say though for me the most emotional scene in all Star Trek was sisko breaking down in the comic book office.  (Sorry cant remember episode name)  That was some damn fine acting from a damn fine actor.  Every time I see that scene I can just imagine the director saying "cut" then everyone giving him a round of applause.    

BTW I'm new, so hello all.    


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So many episodes. I'll try to think of a few. "The city on the edge of forever" "Duet"

"The Measure of a Man" "Family" "I Borg" "The Die Cast" "Crossfire" "What you leave behind" to name a few ha.


DS9 definatly had the most tear jerkers though 

"Please Watch Our Films"

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In Nemesis when Data died. That was some sad stuff.:'(

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Weirdly, I Cried at the end of "Pen Pals", and "The Offspring". And when Ro Laren described what the Cardassians did to her father in "Ensign Ro". That was deeply personal for me, because it made me think of my father who is no longer with me.


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Voyager's episode "Pathfinder" when Tom hears his father say he misses him.  (I helplessly watched my dad die of a heart attack in 1984 and this episode really got to me.)

I also cried when Kes left the ship ("The Gift").  Kate Mulgrew, who played Janeway, had a hard time with that episode too.  Not only was "Kes" leaving the ship, but actress Jennifer Lien was leaving the show, so it was double duty on the emotions there.

Enterprise:  When Trip begins to weep over his sister, and then his daughter.



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"Course: Oblivion" on Voyager. Ok, before i found out that they werent the real Voyager, I cried my eyes out when B'Elanna died right after her wedding and Tom was so devastated. That farewell scene made me a bit teary eyed

And for me, thats saying something.

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